AC Duct Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

An air duct of an AC unit is a vital part of the unit as it is responsible for the free flow of air through the air conditioning unit. The air duct gets blocked when air from the room, which holds dust particles and distinct chemicals, passes through it. When the air duct is blocked, it affects the quality of the air in the room, and it furthermore does not allow the air conditioning unit to work to its full capacity. When the air duct of the AC is blocked, the AC consumes 15 to 20% more energy to deliver the same amount of cooling it is otherwise adept of delivering.
Why is air duct cleaning important?
The air duct, furthermore recognized as the ac duct, is a crucial part of a centralised air conditioning system. It circulates the cool air from the ac unit to and from the room. The duct easily collects dust and dirt, particularly when humidity is high.
When air ducts become rotted due to wear and tear and ignorance, indoor air quality is reduced. The flow of cool air will be halted, and allergens will be scattered indoors. We all realize that once these disease-causing pathogens find their way inside our system, our health is already compromised.
How often should you get AC and Air Duct cleaned?
The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests cleaning the AC once every three years in common circumstances. However, if you are in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE where sand stays constant, that means a long duration of time is not feasible. A quarterly cleaning service is the better option.
Discover the Best Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Company.
In a closed space, since the free section of air is restricted, with insufficient natural air ventilation, AC duct cleaning companies commonly have significant levels of pollutants, microscopic organisms, growths, dust, and so on.
Poor air quality stimulates a broadened rate of health related problems, which accordingly can induce an increment in non-appearance and loss of efficiency at work. Our air conditioning duct cleaning in Abu Dhabi is first performed with an extensive tidy up to evict unmistakable dirt, soil, stains or trash.
Hire AC Cleaning Professionals to Completely Clean Your AC And AC Vent.
HomeGenie offers air duct cleaning, AC repair, AC unit cleaning, pest control, and window AC cleaning in Abu Dhabi. Just like any other device, your AC requires cleaning after some time. A dirty and dusty air conditioner is a danger to your health because it comprises harmful germs, mold, and bacteria. AC cleaning enhances the efficiency of your air conditioner. For the longevity of your AC, you should get it cleaned by skilled professionals only. Professional AC cleaning with HomeGenie extends the life of your air conditioning system. We clean split, window, mini-split, and AC vents at a reasonable rate.
AC Vent Cleaning in Dubai by HomeGenie
Just like the different AC cleaning services, our AC vent cleaning services are excellent and extraordinary. Through our AC vent cleaning services, we use state-of-the-art tools and methods to give you a healthy and clean environment. The team at HomeGenie is trained and certified and completely clears your AC vent to make it dirt, dust, and germ free. You can call us even at odd hours to get our services for AC vent cleaning and AC maintenance.
Reasons to Choose Us
When it comes to your property, don’t hire just anyone for your duct system cleaning. Our HomeGenie professionals have the training and specialised equipment needed to not only get the job done right, but to have the results last. Our cleaners are effective to help you save energy and money while protecting your health with after disinfection services.

  • We personalise our cleaning services to your requirements.
  • We use a proven cleaning procedure with identifiable jobs.
  • We adhere to guidelines established by law.
  • We provide a picture report to ascertain that your AC system has been cleaned.
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    Samsung LED TV Repair in Dubai

    Samsung Products
    Samsung is a prominent electronic brand that was founded in 1938. It creates various helpful electronic products, most of which we use in our day-to-day lives. Starting from mobile phones to watches, refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, vacuum cleaners, etc., every Samsung product is famous across the world. Due to their strong quality, Samsung TV sets are the most preferred ones among TV viewers around the world. Even this multinational brand can not create error-free products. Like other prominent television brands, Samsung televisions also develop multiple errors during their usage time. Only skilled professionals can solve these errors with perfection without worsening the device any further.
    LED TVs from Samsung
    Samsung LED TVs are one of the most preferred televisions because of their promising picture quality, requiring less space, being lightweight and slim in size. Furthermore, the costs are reasonable as per modern technology. Generally, people think that Samsung LED TV repair expenses are extremely costly, but not anymore. The specialists at HomeGenie are capable of solving all the issues you are facing with your LED TV. Our service charges are very reasonable. We will give you in-home repair services for repairing your Samsung LED TV in any condition. We will provide you with the best service for Samsung LED TV Repair Dubai.
    Samsung seizes a dominant position in the television segment. There is a wide range of Samsung TVs depending upon their size, panel type, smart features and many more. Samsung’s LED TVs arrive with a cutting-edge design, vibrant display, and an experience worth watching. Our repair and service abilities extend to all primary makes and models of Samsung televisions, encompassing LCD, LED, plasma, DLP, LaserVue, projection, and CRT models.
    Issues with modern technology
    Electronic appliances like televisions are becoming more sophisticated day by day. Newer models of television are entering the market with new features and are appealing to more and more users. As they are getting more sophisticated, the chances of issues are rising day by day. As a result, you are experiencing more new problems with your television. HomeGenie will provide that support if you are struggling with your branded TV set.
    Frequent Issues for LED Televisions:
    Since we are focusing on LED TVs in this article, we have explained the problems accordingly.
    Disrupted Images and Pixilation
    Regardless of the brand, most LED TVs experience screen problems. When screen problems arise, your television might show disrupted images. Also, one might notice that pictures are suddenly getting squashed, stripped, or stretched on the television screen. Screen problems commonly happen when something goes wrong with the picture size settings. The problem commonly happens for HD channels that need more signal stability.
    Inconsistent Brightness
    The television might exhibit unstable brightness while displaying pictures. This issue is recognized to be associated with the power-saving feature or light sensor of your television. You will need to monitor the refresh rate in order to regulate the brightness.
    Automatic Turn Off
    It can happen if one or more elements in the television are damaged. One should let a TV repair professional get access to the interior of the TV and resolve the issue. Furthermore, one might damage their favorite television by attempting to repair it themselves.
    LED TV, No Picture
    Though the television generates sound, there is no image on the TV screen. Such an issue happens when the picture tube is faulty or damaged. Users frequently backup their TV and perform a factory reset to resolve the issue manually. However, this solution won’t help if the problem is related to the picture tube.
    A Blinking or Flickering TV Screen
    It stings your eyes when the TV screen keeps flashing constantly. Experts have found this issue to be occurring because of broken internal connections. Televisions are full of circuits, and hence an issue begins if a single circuit is halted. Only proper repairs can mend internal connections and solve the issue.
    When turned on, the television displays a black screen.
    The television is stuck with a black screen when you power it on. Nothing emerges even if you revise the settings or press buttons on the remote. A hidden fault in the HDMI cable might be responsible for a black screen. There can be failures in the power outlet, power cable, or video cable as well.
    Sound Problems
    Besides the picture issues, televisions are recognized for audio issues. Audio issues can occur from a loose connection between the speakers and the A/V receiver of the television. TV speakers are impaired if the sounds are audible with external speakers.
    Remote Control Is Not Responding
    The remote control of your television weakens its response when it suffers from technical complications. Therefore, the problem remains the same even after renewing the batteries.
    Tuning Problems
    The LED TV comprises a circular coaxial cable port at the back. This port is responsible for the standard video signal. The coaxial cable port includes a pin for receiving the signal. Tuning issues happen when the pin gets bent due to some problem. It is not advisable for users to mend the pin and, accordingly, they are advised to use technical help.
    TV Won’t Connect to WiFi
    Some LED TV models are fitted with the facility of wireless connection. WPA and SSID passwords are mandatory for connecting to WiFi so that you can stream videos or programmes online. However, sometimes your TV won’t connect to WiFi even if you enter the correct passwords.
    Horizontal Lines/Color Leak
    Is there a splotch of color on your Samsung LED screen? Ignoring colour leaks is one of the primary reasons why the LED screens become broken, leading to permanent screen failure. The presence of horizontal lines is also an aspect of color leakage.
    Audio Fluctuations
    Do You Think You Are Hearing Two Different Sets of Audio? Audio fluctuations are an outcome of mishaps in the internal software settings of the Samsung LED screens, and it’s not unusual sight to behold an LED screen’s software misbehaving from time to time.
    Restore the Expected Performance of Your Television
    We at HomeGenie have TV repair specialists to resolve all sorts of television issues. They are updated with the latest modifications to various television models. Additionally, they receive separate training to deal with various brands of televisions. If you notice these indications, it’s time to reach a professional in Dubai for a quality Samsung LED TV repair.
    The need to reach out for professional help
    A Samsung LED TV is one of the most crucial items in any household. It is a great source of communication and information. Unlike other brands, it has always sustained its performance. However, like any other electronic device, it can suffer from malfunctions and need a repair service. You might not understand the issues and damage to your television until it begins to show certain symptoms. If you have a Samsung LED television, you should recognize that it is a sophisticated electrical commodity. If your TV is inclined to multiple errors, you should contact a company that specializes in Samsung LED TV repair. The technician will conduct a thorough diagnostic and mend the television using the latest techniques.
    Why choose HomeGenie?
    We are home service and repair company in Dubai. We understand how annoyed you might feel when you miss your favorite TV show due to a sudden error on your Samsung TV set. That is why we deliver 24*7 customer service so that you can connect with us anytime you suffer a problem on your Samsung TV. We provide expert repairing services. You can call our helpline number anytime you need our service and communicate your issues with our experts.
    Professional technicians
    Our staff is eligible to service a variety of models. We only perform the work that is required to resolve your problem. If you want the quality you would anticipate from the dealership, but with an added personal and friendly environment, you have found it. Our service center makes sure to solve all your problems.
    Services for repair and maintenance
    We deliver a vast range of television services and home appliance services in Dubai. All technical services are conducted by highly qualified technicians. We can deal with any problem and LED Repairing offers all brands such as Samsung, LG, Toshiba, TCL, and others as well. Our specialists know how to deal with a wide range of electronic repair services.
    HomeGenie repair service in Dubai
    With many years of TV repair experience, we’re the experts in Samsung TV repair in Dubai. We repair all makes and models of Samsung TVs. For the repair, we use genuine spare-parts. We specialise in repairing all brands and models of Samsung LED TVs, Samsung Flat Screen TVs, and electrical board faults in Samsung TVs, Smart TVs, and Samsung Flat Screen TVs. If your Samsung LED TV doesn’t turn on, you can usually solve the problem in five minutes, and the solution is Homegenie in Dubai. Give us a call and our technician will get back to you quickly. We Provide Samsung lcd tv repair in Dubai, all brands and models, Samsung led tv repair in Dubai

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    Washing Machine Repair in Dubai Marina

    Are you searching for washing machine repair in Dubai? At HomeGenie, we provide a complete washing machine repair and service solution in all areas of Dubai at a reasonable price. We also provide a complete range of appliance repair and servicing in Dubai.
    Your washing machine may have one or more of the following problems:
    Don’t worry; we are here to take care of all of your washing machine repair and service requirements.
    Problems that may occur
    The washing machine makes a noise.
    If the washing machine makes an odd creaking noise, the washing machine parts may be severed, or the washing machine motor, squeaking sash, or tab bearing may be loose.
    The washing machine is not turning on.
    If the machine does not turn on, there may be a minor issue with the power cord or power supply, unless it does not seem to be a problem. Surely, you need to act shortly. Contact our washing machine technicians in Dubai Marina for quality service 24/7 around the clock.
    The washing machine is not drained properly.
    If the washing machine does not drain, the drain hose may be clogged and can be skillfully repaired, but there are several other possible issues. If you are not sure of the issue, it is advisable to talk with a washing machine expert to prevent further damage.
    The washing machine does not rotate:
    If the washing machine doesn’t swivel when you turn it on, you may have a serious issue. Turn off the washing machine as soon as possible to prevent problems such as short circuits. Then contact your Dubai Marina Washing Machine Experts to fix the problem effectively!
    Water Is Leaking From the Washing Machine
    If you see a puddle in the laundry space and water is leaking from the washing machine, you have no option but to reach a washing machine repair technician.
    The Washing Machine Expert
    If you are looking for a reliable washing machine repair service in Dubai Marina, you are in the perfect place. Our experienced washing machine technicians are very skilled and prepared to deliver quick and reliable washing machine maintenance throughout Dubai Marina and Dubai. We equip our Washing Machine Specialists with high-tech washing machine repair equipment and the best aftermarket washing machine components to effectively and long-term repair your washing machine!
    Washing machine repair services in dubai marina
    If you live in Marina and you’re suffering from any common washing machine issues, it’s crucial that you reach out to a dependable home service company like HomeGenie. HomeGenie is a top-of-the-home service provider in Dubai that is dedicated to consistently delivering their customers with nothing but the highest quality service. Whether your devices require new parts or you want repairs to be done on them, they are fully equipped to deal with all of your washing machine repair problems. HomeGenie will be there for you!
    Why Choose HomeGenie for Washing Machine Repair?
    There are a number of reasons why you should choose us for washing machine repair.

  • Firstly, we are highly skilled and serve the whole of Dubai for appliance and washing machine repair. Our specialist technicians have many years of experience in the field.
  • Secondly, we are a team of highly professional technicians who can examine, diagnose, and fix your washing machine suitably to spare you any further problems.
  • Thirdly, and most importantly, we reach your desired location whenever it is required, just to know we are available 24/7. Thus, feel free to call us now for a professional service at your doorstep.
  • Our technicians are very friendly and cooperative, and have considerable experience.
    Contact HomeGenie and Relax
    HomeGenie is a home service company in Dubai. Feel free to Contact our expert technicians
    for washing machine repairs anytime. HomeGenie is ready to deliver 24/7 emergency services in Marina Dubai & give on-time washing machine repair troubleshooting. For any home appliances repair and washing machine repair service in Marina, Dubai, simply Book an Appointment or Call Us.

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    Maintain the elegance and shine of your Persian carpet with Professional Home Services in Dubai

    A Persian carpet is made of heavy materials such as wool, cotton, or silk and is primarily utilized for symbolic purposes. One of the most significant aspects of home or office decor is the use of rugs. Persian rugs especially add shade, character, and beauty to the environment. The Persian carpet is a special handmade carpet that has long been valued for its elegant patterns, extraordinary durability, and remarkable craftsmanship.
    These expensive and elegant carpets certainly enhance the beauty of the space. Having spent thousands of dollars on such a carpet and seeing it fail in its very goal is very disheartening. A grubby carpet is not liked by anyone, and a fully cleaned carpet brings a room together and enriches the elegance of the room so Persian carpet cleaning is essential.
    Why is Regular Carpet Cleaning Important?
    Carpets and rugs accumulate all the outdoor dirt, microbes, and bacteria, and they act as huge filters for dirt, dust, hair, etc. All of these components settle in carpets, and although vacuuming might keep the carpet looking neat on the surface, the deep textures of the carpet keep all these harmful pollutants within it. They are then disturbed once we walk on them, releasing extremely fine particles that become airborne pollutants and are breathed in by us and our family members.
    The Need for Professional Carpet Cleaning
    The need to employ professional carpet cleaners to clean the carpets of all the dirt and germs gathered in them originates from the fact that most regular people residing in most residential regions lack the knowledge as well as the tools required to clean carpets satisfactorily. Cleaning at home does not eliminate the bacteria and other allergens that may have accumulated over time. And not getting it cleaned properly is highly unhygienic for those using the carpets, primarily for crawling babies and aged family members. A professional cleaning and restoration service is needed for the carpet to look like a new one.
    Our Carpet Cleaning Method
    At HomeGenie, we understand how some Persian carpets are extremely delicate and valuable, and we guarantee to offer the best Persian carpet cleaning in Dubai. We also understand that the highest levels of service standards need to be sustained when cleaning them so as to protect their radiance. Our team of professional cleaners utilises high-tech technology that get out every bit of dirt from your carpet. We make sure that Rug cleaning is done in a manner that makes the carpet look like a brand new one.
    Carpet Cleaning services in Dubai
    If you have these valuable carpets at home, then occasionally cleaning them isn’t going to do you any good. Persian carpets are handmade and require to be washed very carefully to guarantee that they sustain their elegance. Also, it is essential for these to be washed as they also amass a lot of dirt and filth. If you really wish to safeguard your family’s health from the attack of this dirt-accumulator, then you need to pursue help from one of the best providers of Persian carpet cleaning in Dubai.
    Why choose Homegenie?
    HomeGenie is a home service company in Dubai offering the best carpet and rug restoration and cleaning services at an affordable price. Our cleaning method comprises the repair and restore, cleaning and complete sanitation of the carpets, Persian rugs, and additional delicate types of carpets using medical-grade technology to get rid of all pollutants and guarantee that you and your loved ones are sleeping in a safe and healthy environment.

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    The cost of hiring a full time Filipino maid vs part-time Filipino maid in Dubai.

    Do you find it difficult to keep your house clean? Or do you feel like no matter how hard you try to maintain it, your place doesn’t feel tidy? Well, that is because home cleaning isn’t as straight forward of a task as you might think. It does require a special skillset to make your home spotless.
    When you don’t have the time or the will to clean your place every day, hiring maids would ease that task for you. Hiring a Filipino maid in Dubai is not a luxury that only the ultra-rich can afford; rather, it is a preferred choice of even the emerging middle-class in Dubai. These professional household helpers don’t just clean your house; they also perform other household chores like laundry, cooking, baby-sitting, and running errands at an affordable cost.
    In recent years, the Filipino working class has been growing in Dubai. Filipino maids are highly professional workers. They offer you a wide range of household services at reasonable prices. They are exceptionally hardworking, reliable, and trustworthy. You also have the option to either hire them on a full-time or part-time basis.
    Why should you hire a Filipino maid?
    There are several reasons why you should hire Filipino house maids:
    You have a busy schedule: We are well aware of how fast life is in Dubai. It’s no surprise that you do not have the time or the energy to clean your house after working all day. Hiring maids makes it so much easier to maintain cleanliness in your house. It would also give you the mental relief of knowing that, after getting home from work, you don’t have to worry about tidying up.
    You can spend more time doing what matters: What would you rather choose to do on weekends, get exhausted cleaning your house or relax and spend some quality time with family and friends? Hiring a maid takes away all that burden, so you have the time to do what is important.
    No one can clean everything: Household cleaning is much more complex than we think. It gets really difficult to maintain cleanliness at all times. Cleaning every nook and corner of the house and doing that every day is impossible without hiring professional help. Whether you live in a small house or in an apartment.
    Have a better social life: It is already difficult nowadays to maintain a healthy balance between professional and social life; an unwelcoming house would only add to your struggles. Who would enjoy visiting a dirty-dusty house, especially in these times of global pandemic? Sanitation is the top-most priority of all. Hiring household help would definitely improve your standard of living.
    It is cost-effective: It is a misconception that hiring house help in Dubai would burn a hole in your pocket, but it’s not true. Nowadays, there are so many agencies and cleaning services operating in Dubai that have made hiring an affordable and good Filipino maid quite easy.
    Taking care of newborns:
    It can be challenging at times to take care of newborns for parents. Filipino maids are exceptional at this task. Having a new baby not only necessitates your undivided attention at all times, but it also necessitates a lot of extra cleaning and laundry. Hiring a maid for baby care would definitely take a lot off your shoulders.
    How much does it cost to hire a Filipino maid in Dubai?
    You have 3 options to choose from:
    1. Hire and sponsor a full-time maid yourself.
    It would take a lot of effort and time, but think about how much you would save on finder’s fees and agency charges. You can start by searching various websites online or asking your friends for references, but keep in mind to verify them and do proper background checks.
    The cost of hiring a Filipino live-in maid:
    Salary: Take care of the minimum wage compliance specified by the maid’s home country’s embassy. It should cost anywhere between Dh1,500 and Dh3,000 to get a live-in Filipino maid. It would also vary with factors like the nature of the service, previous work experience, and references.
    Sponsorship Fee: A non-refundable fee of Dh5000 to Dh5500 will be charged from you annually while applying for her UAE residence visa.
    Health Insurance:It is now a mandatory requirement for all sponsors to provide your maid with health insurance in the UAE.
    Flight Tickets: An annual return flight ticket from the home country is to be provided by the sponsor.
    Refundable Deposit: Depending on the maid’s home country’s regulations, you might have to pay a security deposit of Dh3,000 to Dh10,000.
    Additional expenses: for registration, issuance of Emirates ID and medical tests.
    Basic living expenses: Sponsor is responsible for lodging, food and other basic expenses of maids.
    2. Hiring a maid through registered agencies:
    It is one of the costlier but efficient methods of hiring both live-in and live-out full time Filipino maids. You can go through the websites of various agencies that help you hire maids from their home country.
    The salaries of Filipino maids hired through agencies range from Dh3,000 to Dh5,000 a month. The best part is, these agencies charge a one-time fee of Dh5,000 to Dh15,000, which will include all the expenses like registration fee, flight tickets, insurance, fee for Emirates ID and visa fee. In return, you get a hassle-free experience as they take care of all the other compliance.
    3. Hire a part-time Filipino maid.
    If you do not have the need for a full-time maid, it is quite a straight-forward process to hire part-time household help from various cleaning service providers in Dubai.
    Just visit the website of any service provider of your choice and book a part-time maid appointment. You also have the liberty to choose the frequency of services required, like hourly, daily, or monthly.
    It would cost you anywhere between Dh25 and Dh45 per hour to hire a part-time maid, which may vary according to the number of working hours, the size of your house and the agency you hire them from.

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