Vastu Tips To Boost Positive Energy In Your Home

For a house to become a home, it needs to radiate the right kind of energy. According to several traditional beliefs, each home comes with its energy type. A person roaming in a house comes under the influence of a specific energy field, which influences him in one way or the other. Therefore it’s very crucial to understand the link between the healing art of Vastu and our homes in shaping positivity and good vibes. Keeping in mind the ‘ready-to-move-in’ houses (where architectural changes are not possible), Vastu expert Ashna Ddhannak, founder and owner of Enlightening Lifestyle, enlists ways you can bring balance to your home.

The Main Entrance: Doorway: DoorwayThe main door should be the entry point for the family and the energy. It is like the archway to victory and progress in life. The main entrance must face the north, east, or northeast direction. The main door must be constructed in an order to make sure that when someone steps out, it must face the four directions. The main entrance must be formed with a superior quality of the material. The main entrance in the house should be towering, and it must be appealing. The main door should be well lit; keep away the main door from black.

House exit direction: If we are inside the house, in front of the access door, we face the direction we come out of the home. We have an east-facing home if we face east while exiting the home. It is seldom believed that the much spacious houses in the east are blessed with more fate and luck. Homes that are wide and at the lower position in the east than other directions are probably the luckiest. According to Vastu Shastra directions, east-facing possessions are believed to be fine for buildings and multi-storey rooms. Furthermore, this side is not counted amongst the fine choices for independent houses and bungalows. If we have an east-facing house, take caution while putting the main door entrance. Every time make sure that our entrance is rightly placed in the middle of the wall or house and not in the southeast or northeast, as these two corners are considered unlucky for putting the main door in the east-facing possession, according to Vastu. If our entrance door is on the northeast edge, ensure that the main door does not touch the northeast corner. If we plan to construct an east-facing house, it is necessary for us to cling to a Vastu-compliant house plan. It is essential to ensure that the positive energy flow is easy inside the home. As per our requirements, we can consult with an architect who can help us with a customised east-facing Vastu house map or construction.

Master bedroom location: A prime bedroom should be planned on the southwest side, and it must face east homes. According to the Vastu, the ideal area to keep the bed is the south or west wall of the room so that we lay our heads in the south or west direction and the legs lie in the north or east direction. The best place for a changing room is the master bedroom on the west or north side of the room. For the houses, which face the east, the living room should be placed in the north-east direction as it is considered auspicious by the Vastu. Also, make sure that the north and east sides’ walls are little smaller and finer than that of the south and west directions. This attracts prosperity and success and in both personal and white color life. In an east-facing house, the study room should face the east or west direction of the house, while the north direction is the second-best side. Furthermore, make sure the door is not behind the study chair. The study table should have an open area in the frontline. We can also leave a small gap between the study table and the adjoining wall for the circulation of energies if we have to place the table along the wall.

South Facing House by Vaastu: South facing house is considered a second option for people looking forward to purchasing a home for themselves. However, the suspicions and myths surrounding it arise these doubts.

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Windows 10 Basics: How to restore, factory reset and recover files

Windows 10 is the latest operating system version from Microsoft. Windows 10 brings together the features from its two previous versions to make it more user-friendly for desktop, laptops, and mobile devices. It is the best-known operating system for laptops and other mobile devices. Windows 10 has built-in feature capabilities that allow corporate IT departments to use mobile device management software (MDM) to secure and control devices running the operating system. In addition, it has lots of built-in productivity tools such as a calculator, calendar, spreadsheets, and various Microsoft tools. Windows 10 was taken as one of Microsoft’s best and easy-to-use versions in 2015 since it has lots of new features and applications built-in.

Basics of Windows 10: The starting user interface of Windows 10 is the page that asks for the account password to sign in. the desktop is the prominent display of windows 10 with a start menu option at the left corner of the taskbar that lets you scroll through all the utilities and tools offered by Windows 10. It has a primary option of file explorer and search bar to locate the desired file. Moreover, the operating system comes with various settings options that make it easy for beginners. It has some incredible features like the latest addition designed to give windows users a better internet experience.

Cortana: Like Siri and Google now, you can talk to this virtual assistant with your computer’s microphone. It can answer and perform simple tasks. Multiple desktops and task view: keeping all your work open on one window desktop may shift a few windows tabs to a virtual desktop.

How to restore windows 10?

The system restores feature provided by Windows 10 is a handy option that keeps a record of your computer’s software, driver configurations, and other necessary files that you have marked in the restore point. This prevents the loss of meaningful work, but unwanted changes and unmarked files are removed. In addition, windows 10 have essential restore points that have improved its system restore option. To do a system restore on windows 10, follow the following simple steps:For system restore, it must be enabled and set restore points already, and for that

01. Click on the Start menu.

02. Look for Create a restore point and click press on the System Properties page.

03. Click the central “system” drive in the “Protection Settings” section

04. Tap on Configure button.

05. Click on “turn on system protection.”

06. Click “Apply” and “OK.”

Now to restore the system to recover the files, follow the below-mentioned steps.

01. Select the “system restore” and press “Next.”

02. Click and select the “restore points” to restore changes.

03. Tap the “Scan for affected programs” button to confirm the apps to be removed.

04. Click “Close,” “Next,” and “Finish.”

Factory reset on Windows 10:

A factory reset is done when it becomes necessary to clean the operating system of androids to remove all the junk and unnecessary downloaded files and apps. Factory rest restores the system to its default state and makes your device brand new.To set up the factory reset on Windows 10, the following are the steps:

01. Navigate the start menu and open the “settings” tab.

02. Tap on the “Recovery” bar options and select “Get started” under the option of “reset this PC.”

03. Select the “Save” or “Remove files”.

04. TTap on “Reset” your computer.

05. And you are good to go with the default windows setting.

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Why Does My Car AC Smell Like Burning?

There is almost no better feeling than driving your car in extremely hot weather with A/C turned on to max cold. But that cold breeze can rapidly become disgusting instead of refreshing if A/C produces a foul odor. It indicates some poor functioning of the car system. There might be several causes behind burning smells from the car that you might not be able to identify. In fact, this might be the smell of some technical issues in your vehicle. These stinky odors sometimes create an unpleasant feeling not only for the driver but also for the one who is along with you, which can be hazardous. When the rubber pipes under the hood are loose, or are pressed against the hot part of the engine, the rubber part, may start to burn after a while. Identifying the burning smells is crucial to know the cause and find the solution then.

Your A/C Smells Like Vinegar: Sometime when the driver parks the car after a long enough drive, a pungent vinegar smell can be felt, when the car starts to cool down. The pungent smell is strongly noticeable, and the source of that smell may be tricky and sometimes hard to pinpoint. Certain types of molds can cause the car’s air conditioning to smell like vinegar. To remove the bad smell, a vent and duct cleaning does not eliminate the vinegar odor issue, and it is the best option to ask for a professional air conditioner expert.

Your A/C Smells Sweet: If a sweet smell is coming from the car’s a/c, you might not take a big trace. A sweet smell from the car’s a/c could indicate an antifreeze leak in the car’s cooling system. There is a component called ethyleneglycol in the car’s radiator’s antifreeze, which acts as an excellent solute that keeps the water in the radiator from freezing during extreme cold weather. It is also the same substance in the car that gives a sweet smell strangely. The car’s a/c can determine leakage of the cooling system, and if the driver smells something sweet in the car’s a/c, it is necessary for the driver to bring the vehicle for a complete check-up.

The Air Filter Is Clogged: If the air filter of the car’s air conditioning system is not changed regularly, the air filter might get blocked. When the air filter is clogged with too much debris, the airflow is too restricted, putting an extra strain on the car’s A/C motor, fans, and other components of the car’s air conditioning system. As a result, the car’s driver smells a burning smell coming from these components. The driver must check if the air filter is clogged and replace it with a fresh one. Change the air filters each month for good measure and hygienic car drive.

The Capacitor Is Broken: There is a capacitor installed in the car’s Air conditioning system, which works to power the motor. The motor can be overheated if the capacitor is out of order and give off a burning smell. Capacitor lost working for many reasons, from overheated circuitry or power surges to general wear and tear. In such a situation, the car’s driver needs to change the capacitor, and if the situation still remains the same, the driver must call a professional.

To remove the bad smell from the car’s A/C

Different kinds of sprays are used to remove the bad smell from the car due to A/C. These are Turtle Wax Power, Odor eliminator, and refresher spray that can be sprayed directly into Vehicle air conditioner vents to remove the bad smell and other sources of creating a bad smell. Secondly, when the car’s Air conditioning system gives a bad smell, one must point out the source of the smell. The upcoming step is to clean out and sanitize the inside of the HVAC system. To do this sprinkles foam into the vents and up to the drainpipe. Spray the foam thoroughly into the outlet until it starts backing out of the drainpipe. Let the foam soaked into the water for about 20 to 30 minutes, breaking out and draining out of the HVAC system. After performing all these, turn on your car’s ignition switch and run the air conditioner at its maximum speed for about five minutes to make it dry inside of the A/C. After that, take a whiff, and if the smell is still there, repeat the process again. If you have installed a pipe and that pipe is pressed against the hot part of the engine, remove the pipe if needed, also check the condition of the clamps if it seems loose.

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What is the difference between WiFi booster, repeater, or extender?

For the most part, WiFi boosters, repeaters, and extenders are identical to improve WiFi range. There isn’t a quietly well-defined difference between devices that manufacturers elucidated as “repeaters” and devices elucidated as “extenders.” Furthermore, not all WiFi extenders work identically. There are many different kinds of devices accessible. Below, it aims to elucidate what those differences are and how they function so that you can select the best WiFi repeater for your circumstances.

WiFi Extender: WiFi extender is a networking device used to extend the already connected WiFi network when there is a drop in the network’s signal. It enlarges the amplification of signals when the signals drop in the network. It is a device established between the WiFi router and the user device. It strengths the signals coming from the router whenever the signal strength is down.

WiFi Booster: WiFi booster is a networking device used to modify the WiFi network range, but it is pretty different from WiFi extenders. It is not installed between the WiFi router and user device, but it is established on the WiFi router. It is used as an antenna in the WiFi router, which extends the range of the network and makes it more powerful.

What is a WiFi repeater? A WiFi repeater, extender, or booster are tools that put forward wireless signals from the router to cover a wide area, such as different floors of a house. The repeater generates a new network based on signals from the generating network, and the customers that make contact with the repeater are thus on an independent network. If people have more than one repeater, each repeater multiplies its network. A repeater lacks the router or latest functionality, nor can it function as a standalone wireless access point; it depends on getting wireless signals from another access point that it can pass on (repeat). Although WiFi repeaters come in many models and configurations, we strongly demoralize repeaters because the broad many of them are cumbersome to use and use an ability (airtime) from the connection without a wired router.
In many examples, the WiFi repeater can do much more to boost the issues than the signals. Technically, a repeater repeats the signal without modification, but it can boost it in practice, too, so important, a WiFi repeater functions like a booster.

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Trending 13 Nail Art Designs To Try In 2022

In our judgment, the holiday season is the beautiful time of the year. The glittering lights are hung from houses, a blanket of fresh white snow has covered the ground, and, of course, no holiday look is complete without fresh and festive nail art.

Metallic Dots: Metallic nail polish is one of the valued eye-catching polishes of all time. It produces splendid momentum for the nails and makes the nails look healthy because they look shiny. This specific look was made for most miniature nail-art lovers and learners alike because it wouldn’t be easier to do; no professional needed.

Delicately Dotted Rainbow Nails: This nail polish design is super-simple (yet no less stunning); manicure is another superb design for nail-art for the new learner because it’s effortless to paint each nail a contrasting color and multiply some tiny white dots with a toothpick.

Graphics with Negative Space: This kind of nail paint design shows that black strokes mone in different sides searching for equality and respect. To DIY this nail polish, which looks simple, a thin art brush is used to paint feathery half moon-style lines on each finger. People may either leave the base bare or apply nude or light-pink polish, whatever you prefer.

Floral Crystals: Before Applying this design, first, apply a tiny amount of glue to each nail using a toothpick and then attentively position your flowers on top until you’re happy with how they look. One can also apply a coat of shiny clear polish on top if you like your nails to have some luster.

Mid-Century Modern Purple: For this design, one should need two shades of purple, lavender, and a dark grape colour, plus a crisp, opaque white. Creating the grid creates this design using a striping nail stencil in an amalgam with a thin nail art brush, which would give you sufficient control.

Evil Eye Accents: This is a unique and harmful space nail polish; its look is more accessible to DIY than it looks, promise. To achieve this evil eye design, just use a dotting tool dipped in blue polish, Then use a fine line brush, which is used to add swirly white lines on each nail.

Black-and-White Colorblocking: This design look comes at the hands of Camenforte, who asks for some exceptional training. Before one works on the design, wipe down the surface of each nail with alcohol to get rid of the tacky layer,” for this design, the artist would utilise a stencil for drawing, like this one, to get the lines very clear, if possible. As for the concern of the nail polish, any black and white shades in your collection should get the job done.

Muted, Marbled Pastels: This remarkable nail count marries two various nail trends, which have been seen everywhere: embellishments and muted colours. “To create or draw the marble look, dip the nail-art brush in acetone to make the polish liquidy; these assists create the marble effect. Alternatively, there are myriad stunning marble-patterned press-on nails available on Amazon and Etsy.

Muted Terracotta: A warm, muted terracotta orange will give that effortless lifestyle-blogger-who-wears-hats vibe. To draw this type of look at home, try Cirque Colors Nail Lacquer in Arabesque.

Delicate Daisies: How beautiful is this daisy-inspired manicure by Messick? On top of being super-cute, it’s very straightforward, and one can do it on your own. “To recreate this kind of look, take a start with a milky beige nude nail, then, once it gets dry, you can add petals with an opaque white polish like OPI’s Alpine Snow.” Finally, use a dotting tool or line brush to add a tiny gold dot to the center of each flower.

Punchy Colors with Negative Space: The Negative-space nail polish is the cure to the fright of heroic colours. To draw a similar look at home, you’ll need a bright orangey-red polish like Mischo Beauty’s Nail Lacquer in Diana and a steady hand with a liner brush.

Nature-Inspired Accents: The simplest way is to do this look at home is to paint your nails ivory or off-white, then use a fine-line brush to create your sun and rainbow using whatever colours you like, the creator of this cute manicure inspired by Mother Nature.

Robin’s Egg Blue: The Robin’s egg blue and marigold manicure can be done in ten minutes. First, start the process by painting the nails with a light-blue colour. Once the rest of the nails have dried, use tape to generate a diagonal line on the accent nail; paint the uncovered part blue, rip the tape off and paint the remaining part of the nail with a creamy yellow-polish-like.

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