5 Unique Ways to Tackle Water Dispenser Problems

Water dispensers – those indispensable machines that occupy a pride of place in every kitchen’s appliance hierarchy. But did you know, that they are also as important in keeping you and your family healthy? Though sturdy and reliable, water dispensers need a little bit of TLC now and then. Worry not, it’s only a little bit of maintenance we are talking about – nothing that a spot of water dispenser service can’t solve! Read on for some tips on how to keep your water dispenser ship-shape.

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Five tips to tame your refrigerator

With your refrigerator under control, half the battle in the kitchen is won. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you keep your fridge tidy and organised, and give you a heads up if it is time for a little bit of refrigerator repair and maintenance.

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10 tips to Maintain Your Oven

Prepping your favourite baking dish and holding the oven’s ON/OFF knob in your hand instead? That is not good pre-dinner news. But we’ve all been there, in one way or the other. Extend the life of your appliance and avoid oven repairs by following these ten easy oven maintenance tips. Read on for how to keep a cleaner, more efficient and healthier oven.

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Proven tips for clearing blocked drains

Blocked drains are a common problem around the world. Clogs become serious issues when they have been left treated for a long time leading to leakages through the drainage lines. This could lead to damaging your home, reducing your property value and might require more expensive repairs. So, fix the issue before it becomes more expensive. Do you know how to unclog blocked drains? Here are the simple tips:

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How to prevent sofa cushions from sagging?

Sagging sofa seat cushions are always a thing to cause some embarrassment whenever you welcome your guest into your living room. When the sofa cushions are new they are soft, crisp and comfortable. But as the sofa gets old, the cushion loses its springiness and collapses. At this stage, you do get thought of replacing it as you find it in good condition but the new sofas are expensive to afford. However, with little care, you can prevent sofa cushions from sagging. Here are the tips to prevent sofa cushions from sagging:

Process For Preventing Sofa Cushions From Sagging

  1. Rearrange the cushions by flipping them around
  2. Unzip the cushion covers and wash them
  3. Unzip the cushions and add foam sections
  4. Place a sheet of plywood in the seat area
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