How to install Chandelier?

A well-chosen chandelier has the ability to makeover the look of any space. A correctly installed chandelier can transform an ordinary room into one with character and even drama. All you have to keep in mind is the aesthetics which include placement, electrical connections, access for cleaning and bulb changing, and the correct measurement of necessary distances. Voila! Your room is all dressed up. Here are some points that should be kept in mind while installing a chandelier in your home:

  1. Check the electrical connections
  2. Calculate the length of the chandelier
  3. Check the composition and strength of the ceiling
  4. Attaching the chandelier support
  5. Test the chandelier
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5 Reasons to set your home up with a fire alarm system now

Installing a home fire alarm system is an efficient way to manage the fire risk to your property. Fires are a real danger, considering that there are so many things that can go wrong and cause a fire to break out. Other than faulty electricals and wiring, short circuits, poor installation or maintenance of appliances and errors in the kitchen, there is also a human error to take into account. A carefully set up fire alarm system installation is the answer to keeping your home and family safe. This makes it absolutely essential to hook up your home up with a fire alarm system now. Read on for more reasons why.

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How to clean your refrigerator that smells?

The refrigerator is an essential piece of home furnishing appliances. All our fruits, vegetables, leftover food and other perishable edibles are stored in the “cold-cupboard.” Over time, the fridge gets dirty due to the accumulation of dirt from our hands, droplets of spilled food, soil, etc. Over even more time, the fridge starts smelling too, if it’s not cleaned right away.

But cleaning a fridge, whether big or small, is a tedious task and usually requires the fridge to kept switched off for a day or two; this repels us from cleaning the fridge now and then, fearing that all the items stored in it may go bad, given the climate of our country. However, the fridge must be cleaned at least once a month to ensure our fruits and vegetables stay fresh for a longer period of time, as the bacteria from an unclean refrigerator can and will spoil the food eventually, no matter what the temperature.

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10 Life Hacks From Professional Cleaners in Dubai That Will Blow Your Mind

Ever wondered why the guys from the cleaning company in Dubai always trump you at the job? For one, they’re professionals; and secondly, they have some great cleaning tricks up their sleeve. Now imagine the superpower you would acquire if you got into some of these hacks. We are about to help you do just that – read on for some hacks that professional cleaning services in Dubai use to deliver great results. 

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Pest Control Services in Dubai – Everything You Should Know About It

Simply put, pest control in Dubai is a necessary evil. Given the high temperatures and humidity in the country, keeping the contact for pest control services in Dubai handy is a good idea. Consider the high occurrence of bedbugs, termites, cockroaches, stingers, ants, spiders and lizards in homes and neighborhoods around you and you will understand why a basic knowledge of pests and pest control services in Dubai is relevant. Here are some notes to point you in the right direction.

1. Why is there an infestation in my home?

Pests will invade your home only if there is a good reason to, and this could be food or shelter, or both. Pests are attracted to a standard set of conditions like moisture, messy kitchens, bathrooms or storages, unventilated areas, wood, unclean upholstery, dirty mattresses and gardens that have not been maintained.

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2. How is pest control a joint effort? 

Keeping pests out of your home is not a one-time exercise involving just the pest control company. The responsibility lies with the homeowner as well. You could hire the best pest control in Dubai and still end up with recurring infestations if you don’t maintain the recommended hygiene. In many cases, pest control requires recurring visits from the company to ensure that there is no repeat episode.

3. Why should I hire only approved companies?

It is essential to hire the services of only those pest control companies in Dubai that are approved by the municipality. This will ensure that you, your family, your pets and the environment are not exposed to the effects of cheap and harmful chemicals that have been banned in the country. At HomeGenie, we ensure that all our service partners use approved chemicals that are environment-friendly.

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4. Do I need to carry out a background check?

Yes, there are a number of things you should ensure before hiring the services of a pest control company in Dubai. Other than checking the validity of the trade license of the company, you need to check that the staff assigned to the job is on a company visa as well. You could also double-check the municipality approval for the chemicals being used for your treatment and whether there is a third party liability insurance.

5. Should I give DIY a shot? 

No, never. Trying to get rid of poisonous pests is not everyone’s cup of tea. Other than the fact that you don’t have the expertise and the infestation might actually spread instead of getting controlled, there is also the fact that pests can actually be physically harmful to you. Pests are known to bite and sting, causing considerable discomfort. If you are lucky enough to escape without injury, there is the chemical to consider. Chemicals used in pest eradication are harmful and in many cases extremely poisonous. Incomplete knowledge of the same can put you, your family and pets in danger. It is safe to say that you should limit your contribution to pest control to maintaining hygiene in and around your home.

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6. The nature of pests 

Pest control is a continuing effort primarily because of the nature of pests. Before you begin, you should know that more often than not, pests return. Also, pests are great at spreading. So pest control is more about containing infestations instead of completely eradicating them. With no long term guarantee, it is advisable to return to pest control services after a recommended time frame.

Now that you know all that there is to know about pest control services in Dubai, all you have to do is keep in mind not to take an infestation lightly. Always seek the help of a professional pest control company in Dubai since it is dangerous chemicals you will be dealing with. Let the pros do their job while you concentrate your efforts on keeping your home and surroundings clean.

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