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Very few people understand why is it recommended to get an AC service done and what actually takes place as part of proper service of an Air Conditioning (AC) system. Home cooling systems like an AC on which your daily comfort is dependent are often required to perform for long hours at a stretch and generally cannot afford a sudden breakdown. Whilst sometimes unavoidable, there are lots of things that you can do to help avoid unnecessary breakdowns and also minimize your energy bills. One of the things you could do regularly to have your AC performing at an optimal level is an AC service.

AC service means different things to different people and different service providers. Very often, you will hear from our customers about how quickly the last technician finished the service in 15 mins per AC unit. This certainly is not an AC service.

A proper AC service should take between 30- 45 minutes for each unit serviced. To work out how many AC units you have, count the number of AC controllers you have on the walls as each corresponds to one unit. Mostly, the AC units in Dubai are split type ACs with indoor and outdoor units. The outdoor unit which is normally located outside on the roof or walls of the building and the indoor unit which will be above a false ceiling often in the bathroom areas.

An AC service should include checking and identifying any upcoming warnings of the internal and external units. The following are the indoor unit components that should be checked.

  • Compressors: The main “engine” and probably the most expensive part of your AC system and generally outside your home. A compressor is responsible for circulating the coolant within the AC unit. The technician should check both their electrical and mechanical condition to warn off future failures.
  • Condenser Filters: These are the main radiators for the AC system and their job is to expel the heat removed from your home. These filters get blocked with the sand in the air in Dubai and the UAE and hence need to be regularly cleaned. To complete this thoroughly, the technician should use a ensure these filters are fully cleaned, under pressured water.
  • Capacitors: These act as the starter motor for the compressor if the temperature of the environment increases above the desired temperature, set on the controller. If your AC fails suddenly, a failed capacitor is usually the reason.
  • Filter Dryers: The gas must be kept both clean and dry to be effective and the filter dryer is responsible for this. The technician should check that these are not blocked and operating correctly.
  • Gar Pressure: The correct gas pressure is critical to the effective cooling of your system and hence must be monitored.
  • Electrical Connections and Wiring: As all of the wiring and electrical components are exposed to the harsh elements, general checks of all the wiring should be included each time the units are serviced.

The indoor part of a split AC system is known as the Evaporator. It looks like a big aluminum box with ducts coming out of it and is normally located above a false ceiling. This has a number of elements that need to be serviced:

  • Air Filters: These should be cleaned to maximize airflow through the unit and disinfected to ensure any bacteria present are killed off. This should be done using a high-pressure water jet.
  • Fan Motors: Noisy fan motors can be real irritants at night and in most cases, they are easy to fix. Hence as part of an AC service not only should their correct operation be checked but if noisy, the technician should also realign the fan motor, so that it isn’t touching any other part of the indoor unit. Check the fan blowers are not damaged and also tighten the mounts.
  • Evaporator Wastes: The number one cause of AC leakage, with water dripping from the false ceiling, is blocked evaporator wastes caused by dirt build up from the evaporator. Hence these should be checked and cleared if required.
  • Evaporator Trays: The tray is there to catch the water produced as a result of the air being cooled and hence tends to get thick with dirt and grease carried in the air. These trays should be disinfected and ideally removed and power-washed, to avoid any mass building up.
  • In-room air vents: After even a couple of months, the air vents in each room can look dirty and hence should be cleaned during every service, with a light brushing
  • Temperature Check: These days laser temperature gauges can read the temperature of the air coming out of the vents to 0.1 of a degree and the reading should be between 15 – 17 degrees.

Also, it is important to highlight that external duct cleaning and external coil cleaning are more detailed services for the AC which can be requested separately from your technician, as they are generally not part of an AC service.

Keep your AC serviced and enjoy an uninterrupted cooling of your home, this summer.


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