AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah

Summers are here! We can run and hide but can never escape the bright burning summers of the UAE. While we cry inside thinking about the bright scorching sun and melting earth, modern technology offers some respite to our hearts. Thanks to Willis Carrier (the inventor), today air conditioners bless our homes, cars and workplaces with their cooling systems.


After food and shelter, ACs come as the third necessity for the people living in UAE. On the downside, higher temperatures put an increased load on ACs and can lead to problems in their smooth functioning. When we talk about Palm Jumeirah, there’s one thing this luxurious destination cannot afford–a malfunctioning AC! But how do you know which problems need a professional air conditioner repair? Even if there are no issues, should you bother to call a professional AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah? Let us find out what sign or reason prompts you to call a professional:


  1. Your AC Gives off Warm Air

When your air conditioner is not doing the one thing that it is supposed to do–cooling, then it is time a professional company steps in. It is unbelievable how long it takes for homeowners to realise that it is an actual problem. Try to adjust the thermostat of your air conditioner, and set it lower than your room’s temperature. If it still doesn’t effectively cool you off, then your AC might have a restricted airflow or an issue with the compressor.


A temperature spike outdoors is not the reason why your AC is struggling to work, it is a cause of an underlying problem which needs to be fixed.


  1. Your AC Thermostat Does Not Work

A thermostat is a vital tool to help set your air conditioner’s temperature. It helps you understand what your AC should be doing. If your thermostat shuts off automatically or reads the wrong temperature, then it is time to call a professional AC Repair Company.


  1. Airflow Troubles

Noticing almost little to no airflow in your room? Does your home have hot and cold spots? It maybe an HVAC airflow issue with your AC. Your AC might have a broken motor or an issue with the air duct. It is better to not sweat it and let a professional air conditioner repair service resolve this issue for you. A trained technician will be able to diagnose and troubleshoot the issue quickly and you will be able to rejoice in the cool temperatures within the comfort of your home.


  1. Loud Noise and Strange Odours

Are the strange noises coming out of your AC the cause of your restless days and nights? Loud buzzing or grinding noises might signal a serious underlying problem. These noises will not disappear on their own and need urgent professional intervention. Similarly, unusual smell from your AC vent is a sure sign that your HVAC system is not functioning well. These odours may be due to a burnt up electrical wire or a build-up of mould inside your air conditioner. A quick diagnostic check from a professional AC repair company will help you understand whether your AC needs a clean-up or a tune-up.


  1. Your Air Conditioner is Leaking

If you find water leaks from your air conditioner, then it is a sure sign of calling in a professional. The major cause of this is because your AC’s refrigerant is faulty. Refrigerant leaks will not only cause your AC to stop creating cold air entirely, but will also be hazardous for your family as these leaks are toxic. It is better to not put off such leaks for later and address them on priority with the help of a professional AC repair service.


Are you still feel humid even if the air conditioner works fine? Are you tired of getting repeated repairs for your AC? Have your electricity bills begun to skyrocket out of the blue? It is all indicative that you should get an emergency AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah.


How Often to Get Your AC Serviced?

We recommend that you get your AC serviced by a professional air conditioner repair company at least twice a year. Instead of peak summertime, your AC should be ideally serviced before the onset of summers. Spring is the best time to have your AC prepped for the brunt of summers.


Judicial usage and periodic maintenance check-up can help keep your AC in good shape. It is a pity to put off minor issues for later and face the consequences in the long run. It is always smart to prevent any mis-happenings and get your air conditioner ready before hot weather becomes unbearable.


What’s more?
Looking for AC maintenance service in Palm Jumeirah has never been this easy! With HomeGenie you get a free same-day service and with a little extra fee, you get an emergency service within two hours of your booking!Call HomeGenie on 800 443643 (HGENIE) or Download the HomeGenie iOS or Android app today to accessquick AC repair and maintenance services at an affordable price.

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AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah
AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah
AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah
AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah
AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah
AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah
AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah
AC Maintenance Service in Palm Jumeirah