AC Duct Cleaning in Abu Dhabi

An air duct of an AC unit is a vital part of the unit as it is responsible for the free flow of air through the air conditioning unit. The air duct gets blocked when air from the room, which holds dust particles and distinct chemicals, passes through it. When the air duct is blocked, it affects the quality of the air in the room, and it furthermore does not allow the air conditioning unit to work to its full capacity. When the air duct of the AC is blocked, the AC consumes 15 to 20% more energy to deliver the same amount of cooling it is otherwise adept of delivering.
Why is air duct cleaning important?
The air duct, furthermore recognized as the ac duct, is a crucial part of a centralised air conditioning system. It circulates the cool air from the ac unit to and from the room. The duct easily collects dust and dirt, particularly when humidity is high.
When air ducts become rotted due to wear and tear and ignorance, indoor air quality is reduced. The flow of cool air will be halted, and allergens will be scattered indoors. We all realize that once these disease-causing pathogens find their way inside our system, our health is already compromised.
How often should you get AC and Air Duct cleaned?
The National Air Duct Cleaners Association (NADCA) suggests cleaning the AC once every three years in common circumstances. However, if you are in Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the UAE where sand stays constant, that means a long duration of time is not feasible. A quarterly cleaning service is the better option.
Discover the Best Air Conditioning Duct Cleaning Company.
In a closed space, since the free section of air is restricted, with insufficient natural air ventilation, AC duct cleaning companies commonly have significant levels of pollutants, microscopic organisms, growths, dust, and so on.
Poor air quality stimulates a broadened rate of health related problems, which accordingly can induce an increment in non-appearance and loss of efficiency at work. Our air conditioning duct cleaning in Abu Dhabi is first performed with an extensive tidy up to evict unmistakable dirt, soil, stains or trash.
Hire AC Cleaning Professionals to Completely Clean Your AC And AC Vent.
HomeGenie offers air duct cleaning, AC repair, AC unit cleaning, pest control, and window AC cleaning in Abu Dhabi. Just like any other device, your AC requires cleaning after some time. A dirty and dusty air conditioner is a danger to your health because it comprises harmful germs, mold, and bacteria. AC cleaning enhances the efficiency of your air conditioner. For the longevity of your AC, you should get it cleaned by skilled professionals only. Professional AC cleaning with HomeGenie extends the life of your air conditioning system. We clean split, window, mini-split, and AC vents at a reasonable rate.
AC Vent Cleaning in Dubai by HomeGenie
Just like the different AC cleaning services, our AC vent cleaning services are excellent and extraordinary. Through our AC vent cleaning services, we use state-of-the-art tools and methods to give you a healthy and clean environment. The team at HomeGenie is trained and certified and completely clears your AC vent to make it dirt, dust, and germ free. You can call us even at odd hours to get our services for AC vent cleaning and AC maintenance.
Reasons to Choose Us
When it comes to your property, don’t hire just anyone for your duct system cleaning. Our HomeGenie professionals have the training and specialised equipment needed to not only get the job done right, but to have the results last. Our cleaners are effective to help you save energy and money while protecting your health with after disinfection services.

  • We personalise our cleaning services to your requirements.
  • We use a proven cleaning procedure with identifiable jobs.
  • We adhere to guidelines established by law.
  • We provide a picture report to ascertain that your AC system has been cleaned.
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