Water heater is an essential part of your plumbing system, and you cannot survive without one in the winters. If it stops working, that can be quite concerning, much more so in colder temperatures. In that case, calling a water heater repair service for repairing is the best choice. Nevertheless, you should be aware of common water heating problems so that you can avoid them.

Why Your Hot Water Heater Is Not Working:

No Power:One of the main reasons your water heater stops working is that it’s disconnected from the power supply. In the case of an electric heater, the problem can be a blown circuit or disconnect switch, which can be dealt with easily. However, if the heater runs on gas, the problem can be bigger and severe, as gas on its own is already dangerous. Water geyser repair is not as costly as you might think, but geyser repair must be done immediately if the gas is leaking.

Malfunctioning Thermostat:Even a properly working thermostat can cause problems if it is still on the settings suitable for summer. That will not work in the winter, so increase the value. However, a malfunctioning one will require you to completely replace it with a new one to avoid further problems.

Rusting:Rusting is the most common problem with devices that use water. Rusting can lead to the breakdown of the machinery of the water tank plus the tank, causing the heater not to work properly.

Improperly Fitted Or Damaged Valves and Pipes:There is a high chance that your water heater is probably working fine, but the piping and valves are either not fitted properly or got heavily damaged due to some reason. Check them thoroughly for any visible damage or leakage.

Loose Parts:
As mentioned above, improperly fitted or loose pipes can create problems. And it’s not just pipes, any part, whether it plumbing, electrical, gas or machinery itself, if fitted loosely can cause the water heater to malfunction, and in some cases, stop working altogether.

Crossed Old and Hot Water Connections:
Another reason your water heater is not working can be the crossed connections of hold and cold water. The thing is, the valves and lines for both are separate, and if they mix up, the cold water will dilute the hot water. Again, this is the work for proper water heater repair services, so don’t try to repair it yourself.

Old Age:
Age is one factor that we can’t fight against. Everything has a certain lifespan, which can be increased a bit with the help of regular maintenance and care, but not for long. And same is the case for hot water heaters. It has withstood heavy load and damage in its long life, and now its lifespan has ended.

Other Reasons:
If you expect that all the reasons mentioned above are the only causes for your malfunctioning hot water heater, then you are wrong. Another biggest reason is the sediment build up in the tank and the machinery of the heater. During the heat-up process, the naturally occurring minerals are deposited on the bottom, which can hinder the heater’s working. These substances are not limited to the heater only; they can also be seen on other appliances and pots where you frequently boil the water.

Another reason can be the corrosion of the left parts to face the sun and other harsh elements. Sunlight and water will not damage the mechanical components in a short time, but exposure for a long time will undoubtedly cause damage to the geyser.

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