6 warning signs of faulty electrical wiring

Even a single minor fault in electrical wiring could be the reason for fire accidents. Every year many homes and offices encounter fire accidents because of the faulty electrical wiring. To protect yourself from the damage you should be aware of the warning signs and fix the problem before it turns risky. Here are the 6 important warning signs of faulty electrical wiring.

Fluctuating lights

When your electrical wire is faulty, you may observe flickering, buzzing or dimming lights. This is because of the faulty electrical wiring that creates friction and trips the power. When your lights buzz, flicks or dims, then it is an electrical warning sign and needs to upgradation.

Burning smell from wires

Your home electrical wiring may sometime produce a burning smell and this is because of the electrical wiring problems inside. When the circuit is overloaded, the wires turns hot and burns. Even when there are unattended electrical problems or electrical fault, the wires short-circuit and burns inside leaving a bad smell.

Frequently tripping circuit breakers

The circuit breakers and fuses fail as prevention from electrical accidents. Beside faulty wiring, overload of amps also causes the circuit breakers to trip. Beware! When your single socket or circuit breaker is blowing-off the fuse repeatedly, then it is the indication of overloaded power consumption. It should be attended by a professional electrician immediately.

Sparking outlets with noise

Sparkling outlets are not a good sign and warn you about bad electrical work. In case if you hear the noise from the breaker panel or fuse box, then you must call a pro who is effective in home electrical repair. If you find the sparks coming out from the appliances stop using it unless it is repaired. The electrician will test the outlet and the entire power circuit to understand the faulty wiring and repairs them.

Mild electric shocks

While using any appliances you experience mild electrical shocks which is a sign of unsafe electrical wiring. It also warns you about water leakage in and around the area. Water is a good conductor of electricity, hence any water leakage or if the appliance gets in connection with the water then it will produce mild shocks. To avoid this problem, you must immediately stop using the outlet and ask for professional help.

Overheated switch plates or outlets

The power outlet should not become hot whenever any appliance is connected. This shows bad electrical work. You can cross verify by connecting the appliance to another outlet and if the same thing repeats, consult an electrician.

If you see any of these in your home, approach a reliable electrical service company as quick as a flash. Make sure that the electrician is a professional else the problem may become bigger.

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