6 Best tricks to get rid of flies from your home

Are you annoyed with the buzzing noise of flies in your home? Flies don’t just make disturbing noise but also spread germs quickly. If the fumigation is not done at the right time you may be the victim of many diseases caused by housefly. If you are worried on how to get rid of flies, simply follow the 6 best natural tricks we are sharing here.

Make your own homemade fly repellent

Among the various repellents, the easiest and effective fly repellent is made with lavender oil. Take one cup of lavender oil in a tin can that has a lid to it and a cloth. Dip the clot into lavender oil inside the tin for almost 24 hours. Now you can use this cloth as a file repellent. Other oils that you can use are lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, etc.

Lemon and cloves method can do wonders

This is one of the most natural and easiest methods that act as a fly control. Take two lemons and cut them in halves and then poke few cloves (6-7nos.) on the lemon dice. Poke it in a way that the bud remains outside the lemon. The aroma of the lemon and clove will chase the houseflies away.

Plastic bags remedy

A very natural way to kill flies in the house is to keep a plastic bag filled with water near the entrance of doors and windows. The flies won’t enter the place when they see water near to it. You should ensure that the water should not spill on the floor.

Flytrap – make it by yourself

If you are looking for a fly trap to kill flies in the house, then, follow this homemade technique. Take an apple cider in a glass jar and close it with a lid. Make holes in the lid so that the flies can enter the jar. It is better to heat the apple cider once before pouring it in the glass vessel.

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Homemade fly killer spray

Mix vinegar, dish wash soap, and water in a spray bottle. Spray this fly killer spray over the flies and the areas where flies usually sits. This is the best home remedy for house flies that can be made at low cost.

Plants that repel flies

There are many herbs that keep our environment clean. Plant a few herb plants like basil plant and keep it regularly on the place from where you get flies. These plants will not only give a good smell but also helps in fly control

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If the problem is not resolved even after following these home remedies for eliminating houseflies, it is advisable to call a professional pest control company, Dubai who can deal better in housefly control.

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