6 Benefits of residential window tinting

Sunlight is healthy and allowing sun rays to enter the home is believed to be good. But the excess of sunlight or UV rays entering into the home will also be unhealthy for the body and may damage other furnishings in the home. To avoid this, many people prefer to go for window tinting. Here are the 6 residential window tinting benefits.

Minimizes the cooling loss & increases energy efficiency

Window tinting contributes to long-term saving of your home’s energy bill. When your home is exposed to a lot of sunlight and hot sun-rays, then the temperature inside the house will be warmer which makes you increase the AC cooling, always. By installing window tinting film, you can save up to 30% of your energy bill, which benefits your wallet and the environment also.

Skin protection from harmful UV rays

While sitting on the couch when the sun is right above the window, there is a possibility of you getting a sunburn. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, UV radiation is the main reason for non-melanoma skin cancer. Tint film reduces the intrusion of harmful UV rays by 99%, and thus protects everyone inside the home.

Reduces glare without closing drapes or blinds

The sun glare when penetrates through the windows will impact you and other objects at home. The glare will make you uncomfortable while watching television, sleeping, working on computer, reading, cooking, or doing any household work. Windows that are tinted reflects the glare out and thus protects you from the inconvenience.

Enhances the privacy of your home

When your house is located in a busy area, or at a place where there is a lot of movement around or your house has a significant number of windows, then an element of privacy can be achieved with home window tinting.

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Protects your furniture and valuables from damage

The penetrating UV rays and excess sunlight from the windows are not only harmful to your skin but equally spoils your furniture and other valuables. The sun-rays damages the appearance as well as the functionality of the furniture, electronics, electricals, furnishing, etc. at your home. Window tinting will help in protecting all your valuables from such damages.

Improves safety and security of your home

Window tinting provides an additional layer of security and reduces the exposure to an unwanted intruder. By installing window tint, you make windows stronger and harder to penetrate. If a window brakes, then tinting helps in holding the fragments without falling, thus reducing the risk of possible injury.

A tinted glass window is one of the best and affordable option to protect your home from harmful rays & dust. If you are interested to tint your windows call a window tinting company, Dubai that is good at tinting. Some companies will use low-quality products which are not beneficial.

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