CCTV installation services in Dubai

Whether you want to keep an eye on your new born chidren while away from home or just want to ensure preventive safety, a Closed Circuit Television or CCTV system can be one of the best home security options to have. With the ever improving CCTV camera technology and even more confusing list of installation providers at varying prices available, the selection and installation of a CCTV solution can soon become a burden. It’s not too hard to get a fit-for-purpose CCTV system up and running at your home, if you use the following tips.

List the Key Areas to be Covered by CCTV

You should start by identifying the spots both inside or outside of your home that you would like to get covered/ monitored using a CCTV system. This will help in identifying the number of cameras required to provide coverage in those areas while not recording any part of your neighbors house, making the installation illegal.

You should not only add cameras around entry points but also cameras in spots that might normally be blind. These include corner areas and landscaping spots that people might sneak around.

Decide Between Wireless and Wired Cameras

The second tip is to look at the cameras you could choose based on whether or not they need wires. Wired cameras require a bit of installation but are far more reliable with a more consistent and stable output than a wireless setup. It is better to use wired cameras if you have ones that are not going to be far from the main CCTV hub in your home. Also, if you own the place you might want to think of doing it for once.

Wireless cameras can easy to install  They can be moved into many spots and don’t require extensive technical work. even while relocation.  However, you should watch carefully as the strength of a camera will become weaker when you place it further away from the main hub. Also, if you are a tenant, you will not be allowed to do any civil work and hence wireless option might be more feasible for you.

Look At the Quality of Each Camera and Recorder

The cameras you use for your CCTV system should provide detailed images and videos while being easy to use. You should review cameras based on how detailed the images on them. Many less expensive cameras can work well for your budget but they might not produce HD-quality images nor will they work in full colour. Others are more detailed and provide you with more data, but they will cost extra.

Similarly, a recording device is the next necessity for your CCTV system after cameras. A digital video recorder or DVR can be used to consistently record images and keep them saved for hours at a time. This is a very popular setup that makes it easier for you to review things on tape. A network video recorder or NVR may also work. This uses an online signal to record data onto an online drive. This allows you to review weeks or even months of data online if necessary. You could use this if you have long-term security needs or you want to analyse how different people approach your property over a very extended period of time.

Get licensed service professional’s

 In Dubai, the Police, Municipality and Community Management company have to provide the necessary approvals. Service professionals you are considering to install CCTV solution should have the required municipality approval and a accreditation from the Department of Protective Systems (DPS). Once these requirements are met, the service professional should get an No Objection Certificate from the Community Management Team. In case a CCTV solution is installed by non certified professionals, it can lead to hefty fines by the Police.

Agree a maintenance contract

The last tip for setting up a CCTV system is to ensure your peace of mind by agreeing post sales support terms and conditions with the service professional. Typically maintenance would involve a fixed number of visits every year if the CCTV solution is giving any issue.

No matter what CCTV system you get installed at your home in Dubai, make sure you follow the above tips and to avoid any disappointments later.


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