Oven cleaning Tricks and methods

House clean up, check. Garden manicure, check. Kitchen wipe down, check. But that messy hole in the oven is still sitting pretty in the kitchen, staring back at you with all its spill and grime. Cleaning up your oven is not an easy job, nor always a pleasant one; but it is a necessary one. Here are some unusual oven cleaning tricks that will help keep your oven clean and healthy, and away from the oven repair guys!

1. Vacuum the oven

Yes, that’s right. Pull the good old vacuum cleaner out and let the pipe send all the loose crumbs to the dust bag. Before you start on your chosen cleaning process – whether it’s a wipe down, a steam clean or a regular scrub – a round of vacuum cleaning will rid the machine of all the loose post-cooking debris in your oven. Lesser the mess floating around the oven, the easier it is for you!

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2. The old toothbrush trick

Don’t keep the old toothbrush trick for just dirty bathroom corners – save one of those old bristle heads for your oven as well. Whether you choose to steam clean and wipe, or spread a paste and scrub away the grime from your oven, nothing reaches the corners as well as the probing ends of a toothbrush. Toothbrush cleaning is as thorough an oven DIY hack as you can find. Caked spills don’t stand a chance with this one around. Give it a shot!

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3. Steam it out 

Steaming is a great way to give the inside of your oven a facelift, especially if you choose natural remedies over chemicals. Prepare a solution of water and vinegar or lemon and water – bring it to a boil – and leave it in your oven with the door closed. An hour later, you will notice that wiping the insides of the oven is as easy as pie! All the grease and grime come loose and become easy to wipe away. If your oven is really messy and is not responding to these mild home remedies, bring in the big guns and let the old roaster get a professional deep cleaning. Book your oven cleaning and oven repair in Dubai with the pros at HomeGenie

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4. Sprinkle some salt

Another day and another way for salt to make itself useful. Sprinkling salt on spills and leaks, while you are cooking, helps make the cleaning process way easier. Spot a leak and douse it in salt – your wipe down after the oven has cooled down will be such a piece of cake. Try it out!

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5. Soak the grime away

Oven racks need as much care as the rest of the appliance. A good soak is a great way to get that stubborn grime out of your oven racks. You could choose to drench the racks in oven cleaner, seal them in packets and let them sit for a while before you wipe them off. Another way is to submerge them in a large container of water with a dishwasher tablet thrown in to loosen the grease. Once the dishwasher tablet has worked its magic, you could scrub the rest away.

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Keep these oven cleaning hacks in mind and the cooking oven repairman will stay at bay. After all, a clean oven is one that will stay in working shape longer. The more you pamper your oven, the better it will perform and the longer it’s working life will be. If some easy DIY hacks are all you need to make sure you don’t need oven repair, it sounds like a good deal!


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