Water dispensers – those indispensable machines that occupy a pride of place in every kitchen’s appliance hierarchy. But did you know, that they are also as important in keeping you and your family healthy? Though sturdy and reliable, water dispensers need a little bit of TLC now and then. Worry not, it’s only a little bit of maintenance we are talking about – nothing that a spot of water dispenser service can’t solve! Read on for some tips on how to keep your water dispenser ship-shape.

1. Turn it off

A water dispenser is generally low maintenance and strong machine, designed to stay on for hours on end. But it is, after all, a machine, and machines to need a break. A simple act like keeping your machine in mind and switching it off occasionally could work wonders for the health and upkeep of your water dispenser. A water dispenser that has got a break – let’s say when you were out the whole day, or even away for the weekend – will serve you better, and longer, when powered on again!

2. Replace parts

Some of the most used parts tend to wear out faster than the others. Keep an eye out, especially for parts like the dispenser coils and dispenser spouts. Check for any leakages or corrosion which are sure shot indicators for part replacement. Make sure you get new parts for your specific dispenser make and model. With a little bit of effort, water dispenser repair is quite doable yourself. But if that’s not your cup of tea, go ahead and book a water dispenser service for a quick and easy solution for all your water dispenser issues.

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3. Keep it clean

Cleanliness is easily the most important factor when it comes to water dispenser problems. A dispenser kept clean will automatically cause lesser problems to the working of the machine and more importantly to you and to your family. The water pipes, the place where the bottles are inserted and the water jugs are some common problem areas that require maintenance. So go ahead, clean and sanitize your water dispenser with a homemade bleach solution or a vinegar solution. It’s that simple.

4. Call in the pros

Sometimes, overuse or less attention to maintenance may cause problems that are too complicated for you to handle by yourself. In such cases, do not hesitate to enlist the help of a professional water dispenser repair company. A good water dispenser service in Dubai will typically respond promptly and send in qualified, reliable staff, at a time that suits you the most. Whether it is minor or major repairs, or just a thorough clean up that your machine requires, a professional service should be able to do the job. Even when there is no obvious problem, a preventive annual water dispenser service is recommended, just to be on the safe side.

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5. Check on it

Though a typically low maintenance appliance, a water dispenser must be checked up on a regular basis. This will help avoid sudden breakdowns, which can cause quite a hurdle in your daily routine. And if there is a party or another occasion at home, the last thing you want on your plate is a water dispenser repair issue. Though booking a technician online for a visit is a quick and easy job, nothing will make up for the inconvenience a spoilt dispenser can cause. So keep up the checks and steer clear of surprises.

Tackling water dispenser problems is not that big a deal. It is mostly about keeping it clean and pre-empting any problems before they strike at an inconvenient time. Nothing a proactive person can’t handle! But if your dispenser needs some help despite these DIY hacks, book a water dispenser repair service in Dubai and let them do what they do best.

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