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Are you trying to find a skilled handyman who can help you get over with the list of small home maintenance or improvement chores ? It is not advisable to hire the first professional that you come across over the Internet, social media or through marketing material you receive at your doorstep. There are a number of options available in Dubai, including those that are illegal and can pose significant risks to customers including penalties, personal and property damages, low quality workmanship and overcharging. A few tips can help you find the right handyman who can take care of your needs, the right way.

List down your requirements

Before beginning the search to hire a handyman, it is recommended to draw down a list of services you require throughout your home. Handymen generally do all kind of small plumbing, electrical, carpentry  and painting type installation and repair jobs including putting up curtains, blinds, paintings, assembly of furniture, etc. on walls primarily using basic tools, ladder and drill. These small jobs are important and should be done properly and professionally as they can further enhance the look of an expensive object it is done for. It is advised that you draw a list of requirements before searching for a handyman. This can help in getting better economies while negotiating with the handyman and saving time by avoiding figure our time when the handyman is on site.

Get some references

You should not hire a handyman without doing a basic reference check. The nature of handyman jobs don’t necessarily require for an extensive reference check but a few references online or through friends can add a lot of value. References could be around knowing the quality of craftsmanship, communication skills, price competitiveness and most importantly reliability.

Discuss the pricing method

Handymen in Dubai charge either by the hour or by providing a price estimate for a scope of job pre-agreed with the customer. There are pros and cons of each method – handyman who charge by the hour are sometimes caught overcharging by being inefficient taking too much time to finish the job. On the other hand, handyman who charge by the price estimate are said to have a number of hidden charges built into the estimate. Customers should try to do a few things before hiring a handyman to ensure peace of mind. Understanding the method to be adopted by the handyman, get a breakup of charges and possibly check independently for a few items. In addition, due to the transient nature of the population,  it is highly recommended that customers hire a respectable company rather than independent free-lancers with relatively low pricing but might end up doing a shoddy job, which can also possibly lead to fines.

Check work license and insurances

A handyman needs to be properly licensed and posses the right insurances, as prescribed by government authorities in Dubai, to be able to legally provide the services to customers. All maintenance professionals should be registered under a company trade license with the relevant service category. In addition, the professional should have the relevant service category on their UAE residence visa .

With respect to insurances, handyman and maintenance professionals should possess  medical insurance, third part liability insurance and workmen compensation insurance before practicing their trade. These requirements not only protect the professionals but also provide safeguards for the customers against any eventualities leading to damages to personal or property caused while these professionals are delivering the services.

Ensure you will get a proper estimate and invoice

The last tip for hiring a handyman is to ensure you will get a proper estimate upon inspection and invoice after the job is completed.  This estimate or invoice should also include more than just details on what was charged to do deliver the service and a breakdown of labor and material and any instructions. The invoice should also have details on a number to call in case of post service complaints, etc.

You should be certain when finding a great handyman that you understand what you can do to make a project work. A handyman can be useful, but you have to see that you understand what you are getting out of a project before hiring someone. Be careful when finding a handyman for your needs.

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handyman services