home painting services in Dubai

Exterior & Interior paint is the first line of defense against the harsh sunshine and (occasional) rain we face here in Dubai. It is also the first impression given by the house to a guest. An interior paint job could reflect the kind of person you are, while giving your room a clean & crisp look And a professional paint job is synonyms with any high value property. 

However, the sad truth is that most of the time the paint doesn’t last long and you end up with a shriveled wall with peeling or dull looking paint. A good paint job is not only an investment of your money but also of your time. The following tips will help you ensure that you have long lasting paint.

Fix and Repair damages 

Before painting, your painter should fix all the small cracks and holes that are visible on walls. This normally done by filling the cracks with wall putty and applying wall filler or cement where needed. Any water damage, mold or fungus should also be removed and the wall should be smooth and free of imperfections before the base layer of paint in applied 

Prepare the surface to paint

Before you start painting, you must ensure that there is a clean, dry and plain surface for your paint to stick to. Clean the painting surface from all dirt, moisture, molds, cobwebs, and grease. Use a cleaning and antiseptic material to kill off any insects, ants or termites that might have made their home in the walls or wood. The next step is to use sand paper to make a clean and even surface to paint. Use the paper to scrape off any old residue paint or unevenness on the wall.


When painting a surface that needed a lot of scraping and filling work, it is advised to apply a layer of primer before you paint. Primer removes any lines or hairline cracks if present. It also protects the surface from elements when you are painting outside. A primer can be either oil based or latex based. In case you are painting a wall that is in good condition, primers are not required. Applying primer on wood gives it a better finish and makes it longer lasting.

Apply Paint Correctly

When painting, it Is important that you paint correctly. When painting, using a combination of both brush and roller will give you a better finish. Use a brush to paint small surfaces, edges or narrow areas. Use a roller when painting large surfaces in straight lines like a wall. Paint needs to be applied at the correct thickness. If the applied paint is too thin, then the paint will be weak and start to flake quickly. Thin paint doesn’t spread onto the surfaces and small cracks evenly and leaves gaps in the paint. If the paint is too thick, then it will start to sag and crack. Sagging paint takes longer to dry and leaves a bad mark on your wall. When painting, start painting from the top and work your way down. To avoid brush marks, overlap the paint when brushing.


When painting, take notice of the weather. Painting in extremely windy, moist or cold weather is tough. It also takes the paint a long time to dry which may cause it to sag and ruin your final finish. Avoid painting in extreme sunshine as this can cause the petroleum or water solvents to dry out too quickly which will reduce the bond strength between the wall and the paint. It will also prevent the paint from spreading out evenly. When painting outside, start in the shade and work your way to other parts as the sun moves away.

These tips should help to have an excellent finish and your paint will last long.

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home painting services in Dubai
home painting services in Dubai
home painting services in Dubai
home painting services in Dubai
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