why circuit breakers trip

Circuit breakers help in protecting the electric circuit at your home from the damage caused by overload or short circuit. It stops the flow of current when a fault is detected. Have you ever noticed the continuous power trip from the home circuit breaker at your home? There are 5 main reasons behind this.

High capacity appliances (overload)

Circuit overload is a common problem in the households, especially in kitchens. When we connect many appliances to a single circuit, it demands higher energy. A circuit can provide only a limited amount of electricity and beyond that, it will restrict and start tripping. When high capacity appliances are connected to a single circuit then it will not able to take the load and breaks down. When the circuit gets overloaded, the wires in the electrical panel will heat and trip the circuit before damage can be done to the appliances it is connected with.

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Short circuits

When a hot wire touches another hot wire in the breaker switch or other places, a short circuit happens. The main reason behind this is the damage to the wire. The wire may get damaged due to many different reasons like if it was pulled out unknowingly when stuck up in the door repeatedly, on the gnawing of a dog, or getting sucked up into a vacuum. When you switch on the electric supply and if there is a short circuit, then sparks appear leaving a burning smell. To avoid damage, unplug the electric circuit breaker.

Faulty ground connections

A faulty ground connection is similar to a short circuit except that it touches the copper ground wire in grounded appliances. This occurs when a hot wire touches a ground copper wire and causes more electricity to pass through it. The circuit may not be able to handle excess electricity and we experience electric outlet tripping. The tripper breaker otherwise has saved the appliances from potential fire loss.

Improper wiring connections

Improper and torn out wiring is very dangerous. It not only allows the electrical circuit breaker to be tripped but also alarms on fire accidents. Home wiring should be inspected regularly and shall be replaced if found to be little damaged.

Usage of overheating appliances

Usually household appliances like toaster, mixer-grinder, juicer, etc. when used continuously for longer time overheat. Overheating makes them pull more amps and overload the circuit and trip switch. It let the appliance to stop working before the wiring catches fire inside. Due to overheating the wire inside melts and sticks to each other which cannot be repaired. The only way to fix it is buying a new appliance as reusing the damaged one would be hazardous.

Don’t try to fix the tripping issue on your own as it needs much experience and assistance of a professional electrician. Approach an electrical company immediately to avoid greater damage.

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