5 reasons behind a draining battery

More than 90% of the population uses a mobile phone and it has become a necessity in today’s lifestyle. We cannot imagine spending a few minutes of life without our phone. Hence, we ensure that our phone should never run out of the battery. The battery backup depends on the amount of usage and on an average the battery will last for 7-8 hours or to the max 10 hours with optimum usage. But if your phone is getting power hungry, then the battery will not last for more than a couple of hours. Do you want to know the reason behind a fast draining battery?

Top 5 reasons behind a fast draining battery:

Auto brightness

Check your screen brightness, and if that is turned high then it sucks your battery power and the phone easily run out of battery. It is advisable to keep it on an optimal level so that the brightness gets adjusted with the environment. Auto brightness mode can save more on your battery usage.

Longer screen timeout  

Keeping the screen ‘on’ when not using will waste the power of the battery. Usually, we use the phone and then keep it aside without locking the device. If your screen timeout is set for a longer time then your phone will remain in idle position and consumes the battery power too.

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If the battery is too old or damaged

Every battery comes with a shelf-life and when it is used beyond that period, it will not last for long hours. If your battery keeps dying, then maybe it is the time to replace it. Sometimes, the battery may get damaged due to power fluctuation or falling from a height frequently. In that case, it becomes fluffy and calls for replacement.

Overusing GPS apps

GPS apps consume a lot of battery power, mainly for two reason – they are directly connected and they run continuously. Even if your GPS is working in the background it will consume power and the battery will drain. It is therefore suggested to close the GPS session along with the app whenever you access them.

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Playing heavy graphics games

Heavy games and HD videos consume a lot of battery power due to their graphics and this makes you run out of phone battery.

If your phone battery is draining fast because of the above reasons, you can fix it easily. There are also a few battery saver apps that can suggest you on having a longest battery life phone with increased efficiency. But if you are not able to identify the reasons for a draining battery, then you can approach a professional technician to repair your mobile.

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