5 rules to clean wallpaper

Wallpaper intensify the beauty of the wall and protects it from scratching, de-coloring, and other external factors. A wallpaper with a good design not only brings a great look to the room but also lifts up one’s mood. While being the outer layer of the wall, wallpaper attracts a lot of dust and it needs regular cleaning. But while cleaning home wallpaper, you need to be little careful as it gets easily damaged. To keep it longlasting follow these 5 golden rules to clean wallpaper.

Follow guidelines given by the manufacturer

Every wallpaper needs a different treatment. While pasting the wallpaper you will go through the manual and do it accordingly even though you might have done this job many times earlier. Similarly, while cleaning, follow the guidelines given by the manufacturer. The manual may give you tips on washing wallpaper or suggest wall cleaning solution.

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Test a small portion of the area before cleaning

Before you start cleaning wallpaper using any wall washer pro, first test that on a small portion of the area. Apply the wallpaper cleaning products or use the brush gently on a small area and leave it for few hours to dry. If the wallpaper doesn’t get spoiled then you can proceed with further cleaning.

Make sure to clear the dust

Clean your walls using cloth before you apply any wall stain remover. If you apply cleaning agents to the wallpaper before dusting them, the existing dust will spread across the area and will spoil the entire wallpaper.

Divide the area into small sections

Don’t spread wall cleaning agents all over the wall or don’t start rubbing wall cleaning brush over the entire well. The best solution to clean walls is to do it segment-wise. Divide the entire area into small portions and clean them accordingly. This is the best way to get the cleaning done effectively.

Don’t use an excess of water

Even though the wallpapers are labeled as washable don’t use an excess of water or any liquid substance on it. The water may damage the wallpaper or its quality get destroyed. You can use wallpaper dough when you have to clean non-washable wallpapers. This dough should be rolled over the wall and it will absorb all the dust from the surface.

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Alongside cleaning and maintaining the wallpapers carefully, choosing the perfect one also matters a lot. Various designs and types of wallpapers are available in the market for the living room, children’s room, master bedroom, kitchen, etc. it shall be a little difficult for you to prefer the right one. Considering this, many furnishing companies are now helping people in choosing the wallpapers that match their requirements.

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