Furniture is not just for sitting down, eating or sleeping; it’s also used to decorate your home.It can make the place look cheery or gloomy, depending on its state. Updating and regular upkeep are as necessary, along with cleaning and furniture painting is a part of the process. In fact, painting the furniture can make it look new again, and with some additional work, you will get a completely recycled piece that looks as good as new. Although, make sure you know how to paint furniture. Otherwise, hire a professional who has clear knowledge of furniture painting techniques.

There can be many reasons why you need to paint your furniture. First and foremost, you are doing it for restoration. If not, then you are tired of the old design. Or it can be that you were running regular maintenance on the furniture, and old paint will not suffice. Redecorating is another reason that comes to mind, as now you want to achieve the out with the old and in with the new effect, but don’t have enough budget or desire to buy the new one.

In this article, we have created a list of furniture painting ideas to inspire you.


Geometric Patterns:
Don’t stick with the plain old one solid color to paint your furniture. You can also create different geometric patterns with contrasting colors to make the piece and design pop out. This makes the otherwise plain-looking dresser or drawer look more beautiful and brightens the space.
Vintage Furniture Painting Ideas:
The vintage look never gets old, and you can use different vintage styles to paint the furniture. Although this theme is a bit, no, a lot difficult to achieve, so get a professional to paint. Simpler ones can still be achieved if you are artistically inclined, so do it yourself if you are confident enough.
Shabby Chic Furniture Painting Ideas:
This type of effect can be achieved with any type of paints, including chalk and milk paints. Again, get a professional to do this one. Shabby chic looks a bit old, and this style is not everyone’s first choice, but you get used to it to the point of liking it gradually.

Stripped Raw Wood Painting:
Not all wooden parts have to be painted. You can strip down some portions to their original wooden appearance and alternate them with the painted parts to create a whole, effective look.
Don’t stick with a single paint color; mix up different tones and alternate them to create a rustic effect on your piece of furniture. For example, the bottom parts of a coffee table are painted in dark tones and the tabletop in a lighter one.
That’s right; you can use a stencil to create incredible effects and designs on your furniture. For example, painting golden accents or designs on a white-colored surface will make the design more bright and beautiful.
Spray Paint:
Well, why not? Spray painting is easy and a fun DIY project. You can use different colors to achieve a certain look, with different tones on different parts. You can also use stencilling technique with the help of tape. Just stick it in random or specific patterns, and peel it off after the spray paint drys off. This will leave a stunning design on the furniture that will attract the eyes.
Metallic Colors:
Well, no one can deny that metallic colors are stunning and leave a long-lasting impression on the observer. Metallic colored furniture looks unique and is easily distinguishable.
The Whitewash effect makes the furniture look incredibly shiny and smooth. This idea is very simple and does not require any special technique, as you only need liming wax to pull off this style. The resulting effect looks stunning, and again, very shiny.

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