The décor of your home subtly shows your personality. After all, only a few people do not pay attention to the décor style of a home. The style and theme can help create a specific time of environment, like cozy, natural, warm or safe, which are all necessary things to consider when considering the personality and needs of your family members.

Like everything else, home décor ideas and trends change all the time, so along with the current trend, you should also think about personal preferences and needs. Nevertheless, here are some DIY home décor ideas that will take your home interior to the next level.

Recycle:What’s the best thing that you can do in DIY and decorating? Recycling. Most of the material can be scrounged from your home itself, and on the upside, you don’t have to buy new materials and supplies. Just get the old cardboard boxes, shirts, curtains, bedsheets, glass jars, or wooden parts, and start your project.

Add Greenery:dding a dash of nature never hurts anyone. Adding indoor plants is way cheaper than anything else you can do. There is a concern about general upkeep and watering as the plant is a living organism, but that would also make your kids learn about being responsible early on.

Wall Art:This is actually the simplest DIY home décor idea that won’t even take much time if you plan carefully. Making a few shapes out of cardboard can add that irresistible boho chic. You can also frame photos of your family, friends, pets or other things like pressed flowers, leaves, blown up pictures of beautiful places, geometrical shapes and patterns or simple doodles. If nothing else, using children’s art can also achieve that result while encouraging the kids to do better.

Lighting:Lights can also be used for decoration purposes other than illuminating the interiors of your home. Strategically placed lamps with painted designs can give off that cozy look. To spice things up, use colored LED light strips and spread them across your room in such a manner that does not make the color pop out but still makes them looks good.

Glass Candles or Lava Lamps:
Glass candles are very easy to make, and you can easily find a tutorial with proper steps. All you need is a glass, candlewick, oil, water and a small piece of plastic that can be obtained from a water bottle. To make the candle look more beautiful, you can also add artificial flowers, petals, beads, or figurines. The lava lamp is also not that difficult to make, but if you are not experienced in the electrical components, then leave that step to an experienced person.

Be Artistic:
Let everyone else think that doodling is a waste of time. Instead, add doodling art to your wall. You can apply it directly on the wall or on paper that can be converted into framed or clipped art.

If you are interested in painting, sketching and coloring, you can also do that. Cutting shapes out of cartons or cardboard also works. Just keep this thing in mind: don’t limit your imagination and ingenuity. You will be able to do so much if you just let your inner artist go free.

Home Décor Ideas For Living Room:
A living room is that one room other than a bedroom that needs all your attention while decorating. Make use of technology to make the place look modern. Add an abundance of cushions on the pillows. Make use of rugs or bean bags. Use pictures or small handmade figurines or artistic pieces for decoration like fairy glass jars and decorate the small tables and shelves. And most important of all, make use of natural light as much as possible.

Create Storage Out of Waste:
The best thing you can do with those shoeboxes is to make proper storage out of them. Paint them with appropriate colors, and organize them. The discarded glass jars can also be used to make numerous things like pencil holders, snow globes or fairy glass jars at home. Make use of everything that you get your hands on.

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