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Cleaning a house is a daunting task. Mostly because it is time consuming, but it also takes a lot of energy. Also, most of the us aren’t satisfied even after dusting, mopping and re-organising everything. Every time we clean the home, we keep feeling there’s something missing. Cleaning experts from Homegenie have some tips for you always make sure your home keeps looking better than average.

Set an order of cleaning

Most of the people don’t have a proper agenda in their mind when they start cleaning, and end up cleaning random places that come to their mind as they go about doing the cleaning job. Always make sure you have a pre-decided order on how to get your place cleaning. Eg. start from the living room, clean the entire place and end up at the same place. You may choose any place in your house to begin with and then make sure you end up at the same place-kind of like a clock. This will set a pattern and you won’t have to worry about having forgotten a point.
Follow the same pattern for every task. This will not only reduce the time you’ll need to do every task, will also make sure you cover the entire place in a systematic manner.

Have a pattern

Having a pattern will again reduce time, and you’ll know the moment you’ve missed something so that you can get back to it right away. On the addition, it will eliminate the need for you to miss anything in the first place. Eg. You may dust in horizontal or vertical lines, or a spiral pattern starting from the center. This will be highly efficient as this will not only ease up things for you, but will also bring any tiny blotches and patches to notice at a glance.

Get all the basic tools

Get all the tools necessary for a satisfying cleaning – fancy tools are not needed. Just the basic ones like a mop, a spray cleaner, a floor cleaner, a broom, a microfiber cloth etc. are enough. Get the special window wiper for cleaning window glass, if need be. Also, keep them all together organised so that you don’t have to look for every item individually every time – also you’ll know where to find the thing in case you need the spray while dusting.

Get rid of accumulating gunk at the first sight

Make sure you remove any oil stains on your kitchen countertops, or any mould formation in your bathroom, or greasy stains on the window etc. the very moment you see them. Most of the time, they can be cleaned by using your regular cleaning sprays and detergents. Get rid of all such dirt before it accumulates and turns into a stubborn stain on the beauty of your home.

Keep you cleaning tools clean too

Many people, although have all the tools in their house to clean, and are very good at cleaning homes; aren’t seen very happy even after a complete cleaning session and are afraid their house isn’t any cleaner even after a long and tiring cleaning session.
The reason could be they used the same tools for cleaning the previous time and didn’t clean the cleaners after that. While this is what everyone knows, but not all people take the pain of cleaning the microfiber dusting-cloth after it has been used once. Taking some more time and cleaning your mop, emptying the vacuum bag will make sure the dirt you cleaned last week doesn’t go back to where it came from.

Most people are concerned about the cleanliness and hygiene of their place. And while they do take relevant efforts, sometimes, forgetting a thing or two causes the cleaning job look mediocre. We’re sure following these step will not only help you clean house faster and efficiently, but will also help your house to be less dirty for the next time.


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