Car Dashboard Symbols & Meaning

These are the signs present on your dashboard, and these signs can lighten up your car’s dashboard.

Car dashboard sign:
There are many common dashboard signs. Let’s have a look, please:

Oil pressure light:It’s a red color sign indicating an issue with your car’s oil pressure system. It suggests that either your car is running out of fuel or an issue with the oil pump.

Tire pressure warning light:These yellow color symbols warn you that pressure in any of your car’s tires is low or high and needs to be addressed. Remember that tire pressure should be between 30 and 35 PCI.

Engine temperature warning:This red color symbol indicates that your engine is overheated. Deal with this issue immediately.

Traction control light:This red color system indicates to you that your vehicle’s traction control system is on. It prevents your vehicle from slipping, especially when you are traveling in snow or rain.

Anti-lock brake warning light:This yellow color symbol shows that there is something wrong with the system of your car.

Low fuel:This yellow color symbol warns you that your vehicle is running with low fuel, especially when your vehicle is on gas mode.

Seat belt reminder:This red color symbol catches your mind that now it’s time to wear the seatbelt as it decreases 50% of head injuries.

Fog lamp indicator:This yellow symbol indicates that the fog lights are on.

Security light:Nowadays, every vehicle has an anti-theft system, so if something is suspicious, this will lighten up, indicating you about the threat.

Battery alert:This red color symbol warns you about the issue in your battery or vehicle’s charging system. Stop your vehicle to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Steering wheel lock:This red color symbol warns you that your steering wheel is locked and cannot be moved unless you turn on the car.

Oil change indicator:
This indicator will remind you that oil life has been expired, and now it’s time to change the oil as soon as possible.

Child safety lock:
This yellow color sign indicates that the child safety lock is active in your car.

Brake fluid:
This yellow color indicator light will indicate to you that brake fluid is low.

Head/bonnet open:
This red indicator shows that the bonnet of a car is open.

Warning symbols on the dashboard of your car:
Here is the list of warning symbols on the dashboard of your car. Lets’ have a look:

Engine temperature warning light:This red color indicator light will indicate to you the temperature of your vehicle’s engine.

Battery charge warning light:This red light will indicate that car is not being charged properly.

Oil pressure warning light:This red light indicator warns you about the low oil pressure.

Brake warning light:This red color sign will turn on when the hand brake is on for a long time. This will cause the hydraulic pressure has been lost on one side of the brake system.

Benefits of car dashboard signs:These signs have very importance in our life. These lights are the short-cuts that will quickly indicate that something is wrong with your car. In this busy daily life, you may have no time to visit the mechanic regularly, so this dashboard sign indicates that now it’s time to take your car to a mechanic as it has a problem in the system.These dashboard signs will prevent you from severe and deadly accidents. For example, if your brake is having an issue with the airbag, these dashboard signs indicate to you about this and save you and your family from accidents. Never ignore these indicators, as ignorance causes big trouble to you, your family, and your vehicle. Not every driver is aware of these dashboard signs. Therefore, make sure that whenever you are riding a car for the very first time, you should have proper knowledge about these indicators.

Conclusions:These indicators will not only prevent you from accidents but also keep fit your car. Remember that the red light indicator warns you not to drive your car anymore as this problem needs immediate attention. The yellow or orange light indicates to you that this problem needs to be serviced soon. If blue/green light appears on the dashboard, it simply indicates that a particular car function is currently in use.


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Choosing The Right Bedroom Wallpaper

Do you want to add wallpaper to your bedroom wall that looks beautiful but doesn’t know how to do that? Below is a complete guideline on how to choose the right wallpaper for your bedroom.

Choosing the right wallpaperWalls make a home or a room. Home your heart, and that’s where you feel most comfortable. That’s why our bedroom needs wallpapers too. If your bedroom is like your heart, it has to be a happy place. But, do you want the wallpapers to match the rest of your home? Most of the wallpapers can be easily found in your local shops. However, they can also be found in online shops. For that reason, if you don’t know which wallpapers will suit your home, you should check whether they match the other walls in the house.

What to consider before you choose the wallpaperHave a look around in the shops, and you will find so many designs and colors, but most of the wallpaper is not very strong. This guide will tell you everything that you need to know before a wallpaper to your bedroom. When you choose the suitable wallpaper for your bedroom, you need to figure out what is wrong with your bedroom. Things like color contrast also help you to choose a wallpaper that suits your bedroom. Then, when you select the suitable wallpaper for your bedroom, you will feel the difference.

How to choose the best wallpaperWallpaper can be an excellent investment for any room in your house as the wallpapers add a lot of style to the room. But you need to find the best and beautiful wallpapers for designing your home. You can also find modern, classic, and traditional wallpapers. For instance, if you love the picture of a sunset or a red carpet, you can find this type of wallpaper for your bedroom or any room in your house. You can also find contemporary wallpapers that look light as they reflect your mood. Finally, you can choose 3D wallpaper, natural, or any other type of your taste.

Tips and tricks on how to choose the suitable wallpaperIf you want to know how to choose the suitable wallpaper for your bedroom, read this carefully. Deciding your pattern, most wallpaper designers offer a different color pattern in wallpaper. Like when you go to a clothing store or in the shop, you might choose to pick the same style shirt but some color variation on it, but it’s not always the same. You can learn how to pick the correct pattern from different patterns like textures, flowers, waves, animal patterns.

Now after completing this article and getting to know how to select the suitable wallpaper for your bedroom. You can get this completed step-by-step guide to update the wallpapers that you should consider for your bedroom. Follow this guide, and you will get the best wallpapers and wallpaper for your bedroom.

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Guide To Deep Clean Your House

Keeping your house clean is a must. Regular cleaning is enough usually, but once in a while, deep cleaning the house becomes necessary. Doing this will make the whole home look clean, without any part left out. But prepare a checklist, mental or physical, to make sure you will not miss anything.

Before moving onto the deep cleaning house checklist, you would follow the following tips to make the process easier

– Start on a free day, and plan. Make a checklist.

– Get the necessary equipment, like a pair of rubber gloves, brushes for scrubbing along with disposable rags, buckets, water, disinfectants, soap or just plain vinegar

– Start with the rooms that do not have heavy traffic. You won’t be disturbed by anyone, and it will be cleaned out very quickly

– Clear away the clutter at the beginning

– Start from the higher points, like fans, ceilings, walls, and windows, and gradually move downwards. Doing the opposite will only waste your hard work, as cleaned items at the bottom will become dirty again

– Use the vacuum cleaner to remove dust and pet hair from all places in your home, including windows, blinds, sofas, cushions, bean bags etc

– Clean the floors properly by scrubbing and disinfecting by removing furniture. Sure, this is a bit difficult but necessary

Deep Cleaning Kitchen:The kitchen is where you have to get into the depth of things. First of all, check your pantry and the fridge, and remove all the old and expired foods. Next, clean out the cabinets along with the contained items, and if possible, polish them. Check the electrical appliances, and clean them and the area around them thoroughly. This also includes refrigerators, toasters and ovens. Move on to your stove, and clean out all the gunk from the stovetop, and wash it thoroughly. There are some specific cleaning supplies for this, so use them. Use hot water and vinegar to clean the sink. Now wipe the counters, and put everything back in its place. Finally, scrub the floor thoroughly.

Deep Cleaning Bedrooms:Deep cleaning the bedrooms is perhaps the easiest step, as you are intimately familiar with everything. As we said earlier, start from top to bottom. Clean the fans and ceiling, and then move onto the curtains and windows. If you use blinds, the deep cleaning window process can be done in a matter of minutes. Throw the curtains for wash, and clean out the curtain rods. Next, organize your closet, drawers, side tables and vanity. Remove all the dirty clothes, rugs and bedsheets. Air out the mattress, clean the bed’s underside thoroughly, and don’t forget to scrub the floors!

Deep Cleaning Living Room:Most of the process is the same as the bedroom, with the glaring exception of the bed and closet. Vacuum everything, and move the furniture a little to the side to not miss any corner. Do the same process with windows and rugs. Wash the cushion covering, clean the decoration pieces and furniture as well as electronics with care.

Deep Cleaning Dining Room:Again, most of the process is similar regarding floors, windows and decoration pieces. But the dining room is easier to do because the biggest part of the furniture is the dining table. So, in addition to everything else, change the table cover and clean the table thoroughly beforehand.

Deep Cleaning Bathroom:
Prepare to dirty your hands because this is where your patience will be tested. Clean the mirror and shelves to remove dust, scrub and wash the sink, walls, bathtub and floors. Spray the fixtures, and wipe them down. Organize the small cupboard and supplies like shampoo, soaps, conditioners, creams and other things. Don’t forget to perform the dirtiest deed yet: cleaning the toilet. It is easy, but not for people who have faint hearts. Use a proper toilet cleaner and a brush for the task.

Deep Cleaning Guest Rooms and Outside Space:
The process for deep cleaning guests and other rooms is safe. For outside, sweep the littering leaves, mow the grass, pull out the weeds, and wash the walkway and driveway. For balconies, patios or decks, refer to the precautions told by the constructer before doing anything.

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10+ Ideas to Brighten Up Your Apartment

Painting your apartment can be a cheerful task or an annoying one depending upon your mood and personality.
Painting is one way not only to decorate your living space but also to brighten it up. Today, many people choose to stick with wallpapers or plain white or colored paints, but if you are artistic about it and hold yourself open to ideas, you might find that playing with colors will give you a present surprise.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the apartment interior painting ideas that will inspire you.

Ditch The White:White is the standard apartment paint color, but you don’t always have to play by rules. So ditch the boring white, and enter the world of colors. There are numerous palettes to choose from, so the possibilities are endless.

Softer Hues:Softer colors like pale white, light blue and green can make the apartment a bit more bright. However, the soft colors also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your apartment.

Somber:The more somber colors like grey and half white are also a good choice. They may seem to give off a melancholy tune, but they can still brighten up space with the right furniture and proper lighting.

Make A Statement:The sure fast way of making space more popping any eye-catching is to use bold colors like yellow, orange, blue or even dark pink can help you to brighten up your apartment.

Get Inspired By Nature:
Natural themes are all the rage today for décor and furniture. Using light brown or brown grey hues will complement that décor perfectly.

Use Black:
Who said that black was depressing? With a careful combination of wall art, pictures and even a clock along with other things, you can create a minimalistic themed room where plenty of natural light is available every day that can fill up space, brightening it instantly.

Shades Of Blue:
There is a wide range of shades of blue that can be used to achieve the goal of brightening up your apartment. Light blue, dark blue, sky blue or even blue colored walls look wonderful.

Green Friendly:
Green is another color that can be used to achieve the same effect. There are many shades of green that can be used to paint your apartment, including but not limited to pale, light, dark, sea green, parrot and yellow-green etc. Combined with green furniture, curtains and apartments, the whole space will look like a scene out of nature.

The silver color is best out of all colors considering that it’s not that boring white and still complements almost all types of décor furniture and accessories.

Create Patterns:
That’s right; you can create patterns on your walls during the painting. The process is simple and straightforward; you use the special tape and stick it on walls in precise patterns and shapes. Of course, the more complex the pattern, the more gorgeous the outcome will be. After paint drys, peel of the tape, which will leave a design of the wall.

That’s not all you can do; in fact, you can also lightly paint scenes like ocean waves or greenery at the bottom to accentuate the walls.

Wall Color Combination For Small Living:
You can make combos out of different color paints or different shades of the same color. One wall will be painted with one color, while the other with a different one, creating up a beautiful combination. For example, the wall that comes on the back of your couch can be painted orange, and the rest with peach color.

Apartment Painting Costs:
There are many different apartment painting services in Dubai that charge different costs depending upon the square feet. The cost of painting an apartment in Dubai is around AED 850 with an additional AED 150 for the ceiling for one-bedroom type. Two-bedroom apartment paint can reach up to AED 1270, depending upon the location.

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7 Reasons Your Water Heater Is Not Working

Water heater is an essential part of your plumbing system, and you cannot survive without one in the winters. If it stops working, that can be quite concerning, much more so in colder temperatures. In that case, calling a water heater repair service for repairing is the best choice. Nevertheless, you should be aware of common water heating problems so that you can avoid them.

Why Your Hot Water Heater Is Not Working:

No Power:One of the main reasons your water heater stops working is that it’s disconnected from the power supply. In the case of an electric heater, the problem can be a blown circuit or disconnect switch, which can be dealt with easily. However, if the heater runs on gas, the problem can be bigger and severe, as gas on its own is already dangerous. Water geyser repair is not as costly as you might think, but geyser repair must be done immediately if the gas is leaking.

Malfunctioning Thermostat:Even a properly working thermostat can cause problems if it is still on the settings suitable for summer. That will not work in the winter, so increase the value. However, a malfunctioning one will require you to completely replace it with a new one to avoid further problems.

Rusting:Rusting is the most common problem with devices that use water. Rusting can lead to the breakdown of the machinery of the water tank plus the tank, causing the heater not to work properly.

Improperly Fitted Or Damaged Valves and Pipes:There is a high chance that your water heater is probably working fine, but the piping and valves are either not fitted properly or got heavily damaged due to some reason. Check them thoroughly for any visible damage or leakage.

Loose Parts:
As mentioned above, improperly fitted or loose pipes can create problems. And it’s not just pipes, any part, whether it plumbing, electrical, gas or machinery itself, if fitted loosely can cause the water heater to malfunction, and in some cases, stop working altogether.

Crossed Old and Hot Water Connections:
Another reason your water heater is not working can be the crossed connections of hold and cold water. The thing is, the valves and lines for both are separate, and if they mix up, the cold water will dilute the hot water. Again, this is the work for proper water heater repair services, so don’t try to repair it yourself.

Old Age:
Age is one factor that we can’t fight against. Everything has a certain lifespan, which can be increased a bit with the help of regular maintenance and care, but not for long. And same is the case for hot water heaters. It has withstood heavy load and damage in its long life, and now its lifespan has ended.

Other Reasons:
If you expect that all the reasons mentioned above are the only causes for your malfunctioning hot water heater, then you are wrong. Another biggest reason is the sediment build up in the tank and the machinery of the heater. During the heat-up process, the naturally occurring minerals are deposited on the bottom, which can hinder the heater’s working. These substances are not limited to the heater only; they can also be seen on other appliances and pots where you frequently boil the water.

Another reason can be the corrosion of the left parts to face the sun and other harsh elements. Sunlight and water will not damage the mechanical components in a short time, but exposure for a long time will undoubtedly cause damage to the geyser.

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