10+ Glass Railing Ideas for Stairs & Balcony

Glass railings are a more modern trend, but glass staircase railing and glass railing for the balcony look absolutely stunning. The general advantages include easy cleaning and upkeep, beautiful view, and long lifespan, making it more appealing to homeowners.
Here, we have mentioned some railing designs for stairs and balcony in your home.

Glass Railing Ideas For Stairs And Balconies:


1. Go Frameless:
Frameless glass system can be used for both stairs and balconies and does not include any metallic or wooden frame that might obstruct the view from any point. These railing stairs and balcony does not give you any privacy, though.

2. Or Choose The Frames:
There is a wide variety of frames you can choose from. Many frames are wooden, metals, steel or steel alloys that can accentuate the beauty of the whole railing, and the addition of glass handrails makes it safer.

3. Stained Glass:
It cannot be denied that stained glass looks absolutely beautiful, and you can choose from a wide variety of colors and designs. These types of glasses can be incorporated in both staircase glass railing and balcony railings, making the environment a bit livelier with colors.

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4. Etched Glass Railing:
Etched glasses can also prove to be an excellent addition to your home. In addition to the glass not being completely transparent and see-through, you can get any design etched on your glass stair railing and balcony, making it eye-catching and provide privacy at the same time. The etching can be plain, like covering whole glass, or it can be in different patterns and designs. This railing design for stairs and balconies will no doubt look stunning.

5. Tinted Glass Railings:
If you want privacy along with beauty, then tinted glass railings are the choice for you. Dark-tinted glasses will not only make the railing more beautiful it will also make it very difficult for anyone to catch a clear glimpse on the inside. Even the light tinted glasses perform the same function and let’s be honest, these tinted, colored glasses capture the light and shine in wonderful ways.

6. Clamped Glass Railing System:
At the end of the day, glass is still fragile, no matter how long it can live. So clamped glass railing system reinforces the glass panels separately at many places so that it won’t fall out of its frame, keeping the whole railing secured.

7. Mix Up The Tainted Or Etched Glass With Plain:
Why go with full tainted or full plain when you can spice things up? Play with the design. If nothing else, make a design or horizontal and vertical lined of tinted and plain alternating after each other.

8. Glass Painting:
Another way you can add color to the railings is through glass painting. Painted glasses look absolutely stunning, and there is no limit to what design or scenery could be painted.

9. Reinforce With Style:
Reinforcing the glass is necessary if you want your railing to stay for a long time, but to it with a style that will look beautiful and complements the surroundings. It should not look out of place.

10. Frosted Glass:
Frosted glass is another choice for privacy lovers who do not want to compromise privacy and beauty.

11. Rain Glass Railings:
The name tells you everything. The glass looks like the rainwater is pouring on it, which adds both privacy and beauty to the railing.There is no doubt that glass railings look absolutely stunning; please understand all the required safety precautions before you go out to book someone to install glass railings.

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10+ Trending Living Room Curtain Designs

Curtains are a must-have for windows. With their help, you can achieve privacy and a way to stop the harsh sunlight beating the interior of your home. But curtains aren’t just functional; they are also used for aesthetics. Using different curtain designs for the living room can make space look more inviting instead of utilitarian.

Here, we have prepared a list discussing different curtain design for the living room in your home. If you want to, you can use the same ideas to buy curtains for bedrooms too.

Curtain Ideas/ Designs For Living Room:

Double Curtains:This curtain idea has been our personal favourite. Double curtains are simple to implement. All you need is an extra curtain rod for the extra fabric, and you are ready to go. The outer layer can be of heavy fabric, and the curtain closer to the window can be thin and gauzy. This has many advantages. If you do not want to block sunlight but still don’t want anyone to catch a glimpse of your living room, you only need to close the thin, gauzy curtain.

Match The Theme:You can easily buy curtains that match the overall theme and style of your living room. They can be either patterned like wallpaper or one single color.

Go For Solid Color:A solid colored curtain is a big no-no for some people, but from personal experience, such fabrics have their own charm and are excellent in blocking out the curious gazes from the outside.

Or For Pattern:Like we said before, not everyone likes solid-coloured fabrics for curtains. Patterned curtains with different designs like vines and flowers or simple geometrical shapes would be a good choice for those people.

Pure White:
No one can deny that pure white curtains give of that classic look that is hard to resist. The windows look simple, elegant and blended in with the surroundings, especially if you have used softer hues in decorating your living room.

Go Stripes!
The basic design of horizontal or vertical lines on the fabric is a very simple window curtain design that you can’t resist. The lines can alternate through the whole fabric, or a design can be created out of it by having the lines at the top or the bottom or unequal blocks of two colours.

Roman Blinds:
Instead of folding the blinds on the sides, the roman blinds fold upwards, saving a lot of space and producing a unique look. These blinds are obviously different from traditional ones, so they can make space look more fresh and unique.

Play With Bold:
Some might think that using brightly coloured curtains can make them look hideous and out of space. That’s not always true. Play with different colors, no matter how bright they look, and choose the one that complements the surroundings perfectly.

Tie Back:
No matter what year it’s going to be, tie back curtains never go out of fashion. They look utterly elegant, and experimenting with tie back rooms can yield interesting results. The tie-back curtains can either be on both sides with two curtains or one-sided with a single piece of fabric

Plain Curtains:
Sometimes, simplicity is the best thing to root for, and the same idea can be adapted in this place. Don’t try to find the most unique design; just choose a plain curtain that looks simple and elegant.

Sheer Curtains:
Sheer curtains are more of a simple choice that allows you to still have privacy, but will not block out any sunlight from the outsides.

Partial Cover:
It’s not necessary to cover the whole window with the curtains, and you can also choose the option of partial covering with curtains hanging from the mid or slightly above the middle of the window.

Pull Inside:
This actually a new idea that has not become that popular yet, but has plenty of potentials. The railings are mounted on top of the window along with the adjoining wall, so when the curtain is pulled, it will hang from the sidewall and not from the corners of the window.

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5 Things To Avoid With Your Washing Machine!

Learning to use a washing machine is not as difficult as some people might think. However, learning and remembering what not to do with the machine is something many people learn only after the damage is done. As a result, the most common faults with washing machines come from ignorance, which can prove to be costly.

See the following list of what you should avoid doing with your washing machine.

Don’t Wash Everything:What we are trying to say here is that the washing machine is for washing clothes only. You can’t put things that don’t have any business in the washing machine in there and expect it to come out clean and unscathed. Things like big metallic hooks, coins, belts or cuff links etc. should never be put in the machine. Not only the items can get damaged, but the glass door might also break, leaving your machine in urgent need of repair.

Overloading:You may think that cramming as many clothes as possible will finish your laundry early, but all you do is damage the machine. The spinner needs some space to work properly, and if you stuff it to the brim, how can you expect to wash the clothes when there is not enough space for the clothes to even move?

Improper Balancing:Washing machine is a heavy-duty device, and the spinner has to rotate at a very high speed or super speed. That means that if the machine is not levelled on the floor, it could easily topple and fall down. Due to its heavyweight, there is a high chance that something might break in the internal side of the device.

Don’t Ignore Regular Maintenance & User Manual: The user manual that the manufacturer provides with the device is not just for show. It contains the proper way of use and the general or specific safety guidelines you have to adhere to. Similarly, thinking that regular maintenance is not necessary can be very dangerous, as many problems remain hidden until they become apparent and are more difficult to handle.

Don’t Delay Repairs:
Ignoring a default or malfunction can prove to be costly. It might not create much problem when the machine is not in use, but when you continue using the device with the defect, the damage will increase substantially.

Other Things To avoid:

Excess Detergent:
Another thing that you should never do with your washing machine is to use detergent in large amounts. In this case, more is definitely not good, otherwise, there will be a residue of soap left on the clothes.

Glittery Or Embellished Clothes, and Undone Zipper:
One other thing that you should definitely avoid putting into the machine is embellished garments. All the glitter will stick to the interior of your washing machine, and small beads would defiantly damage some part when the dress is in the process of being ruined. While you are at it, try to zip up the jeans or anything else so that the zipper part could not get stuck. The last point is not that dangerous, but the more careful you are, the better.

Teeny Tiny Clothes:
Another thing that you should avoid is putting small fabrics like baby socks in the machine. They might get stuck easily in the interior and can potentially block the drainage, stopping the drain and spin of the machine.

Pet Hair:
If you have a pet and your clothes are covered in excess amounts off animal hair, please try to get them off beforehand with the help of the roller before chucking into the machine like a lazy madman. These hairs can easily clump together and stick to the insides of the machine, which is just plain gross.

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Top 5+ Tricks to Fix Common Mac Problems Quickly

MacBooks are Apple devices that are as expensive as they are sleek. Even a minor glitch or malfunction can cause you to panic, prompting you to take it to repair service. Many places in Dubai provide MacBook repair and MacBook Pro repair services, where you can get them fixed in a jiff. If the damage is visible, like the laptop screen is cracked or glitching, then that does require proper repair. But before you pick up your wallet and go to the shop, you should first search if the problem demands repair from an expert or not.

The thing is, most common Mac problems can be dealt with easily. These ‘MacBook problems’ can be fixed easily with few tricks, and given below are some of those tricks to fix your laptop at the spot.

Rebooting:Rebooting the device can do wonders, and it’s not just for your MacBook; this trick works for every other device. Even rebooting your android will fix most of the problems, but that does not mean that rebooting will solve everything.

Dealing With MacBook Starting Up Problems:Sometimes your MacBook does not start up properly, or a blue or grey colored screen appears. The first thing that you need to check is if your laptop has sufficient charging or not. If it does, then start your MacBook in Safe Mode or Recovery Mode.

Reinstall Operating System:In case rebooting the device and any other trick does not work, reinstall the macOS. This is because sometimes, the operating system itself has become corrupted. This is not a serious problem, make a backup of your data in the hard drive and start reinstallation.

Fixing Keyboard Problems: MacBook keyboard keys are delicate compared to other laptops and could break off easily if not careful. So when you are trying to fix them, be gentle. In case of sticky or dirty keys, use a toothpick to clean the insides or underneath the keys. Use a cotton bud to wipe away the mess in the places between the keys. The biggest enemy of a keyboard is dust that can easily jam the keys. If you find different tutorials on the internet, you can find ones that tell you how to pop the keys. Do that, clean the keys thoroughly, and then mount them back on. You can also use the supplied straws to blow off the air and a keyboard cover to protect the keys

Close Unnecessary Apps:
Sometimes, the laptop can slow down and stop working because there is too much going on at once. To solve that, close every unnecessary application that is running. This will free up space in the RAM and make the processing speed better and faster.

Install The Necessary Updates:
Every tech company releases updates on their software every few months. These updates are necessary for the smooth running of your MacBook, so never forget to update your device.

Delete Cache:
One of the common advice, other than the classic turn it off and on again, the IT experts give is to delete the cache of all the apps that are running on your MacBook. You can also try resetting Safari back to its default settings. But the newer versions do not have the latter option, so stick to clearing the caches.

Reset Power Management:
Quick battery drainage is not just an annoyance but can become a big problem. What if you were in an important meeting? Or if you were typing something or progressing in your game or another work related project? If your MacBook shuts down at the wrong time, you can lose all the progress and the data. To deal with this problem, first, close any unnecessary application running in the background as well as lowering the brightness. If that is not enough, reset the laptop, or shut it down, press and hold Shift + Control + Option keys for a moment and release them at once to force your MacBook into resetting power management.

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10 Landscaping ideas on Budget

Landscaping is considered essential when your home has enough exterior space.Many people expect landscaping to be an expensive project, but the opposite is true in many cases. After all, you have to let your imagination run wild, so why limit yourself to the constraints of your budget?

Here are some of the best landscaping ideas on a budget to make your home look beautiful.

Strategic Use Of Flowers:It’s not uncommon to find some types of flowers with different colors. If you make sections of plants and arrange them according to the color and species, you can quickly achieve a beautiful lawn or landscaping garden without much effort.

Repurpose Stumps, Pots, and Tires:After cutting off a tree, which should not be done unless necessary, you can repurpose it to plant delicate plants and flowers. Just hollow out the interior, fill it with proper sand, and plant the flowers. You can also repurpose pots for various things, like filling them out with rounded stones or gravel and pop in an artificial plant. Similarly, stack up the tires to around a plant pot or make a swing out of it.

Water Fixture:Generally, water features can cost a fair amount and require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. However, installing a water fixture like a waterfall is not that expensive. Other than that, you can also DIY many of the water fixtures all by yourself, like filling a pot with gravel and water and stacking them on top of each other. A mini water garden is also easy to make.

Make Pathways With Available Material:It’s not necessary to create a pathway in your garden or backyard with proper pavement and stone slabs; you can just use some stones or wooden slabs laid next to each other. Backyard landscaping ideas are not just limited to making huge fountains or giant walkways, and sometimes subtlety works just fine.

Use Shrubbery:
Most of the vines will happily climb over the walls and railing if you let them. That is not a bad idea, as these delicate plants give off that enchanting natural and old age vibe that is difficult to resist. Other than creating borders out of it, shrubbery does the cutting with different designs and styles to spice things up. Bird Feeders: The birdbath will also look visually stunning on the exterior of your home. They bloom utterly cute in a backyard or a garden, giving off that natural charm. Not only will they make the place look closer to nature, but you will also help animals by providing them food and water.

Repurposing The Mulch:
Mulch is a necessary evil for your plant’s growth, but it does not need to look like an eyesore. Placing the mulch strategically in confined shapes for different designs can transform the hideousness into enchanting sight. Create Plant/ Tree Borders: Installing an expensive wooden or metallic fence is not as necessary. If you are so keen to create borders and fences for privacy and declare your property lines, you can use different shrubs or trees to achieve that result.

Big Boulders:
Buying bud boulders can be slightly expensive; however, even two would be enough if you are clever about it. All you have to do is to think about where to place them and stack them physically, and you are done. No special skill required for this.

Strategically paced garden lamps or hanging lights will not cost you much, but they will make the garden brighter, especially at night. We haven’t mentioned numerous other landscaping designs here, but you can find more with extra research. This project could be treated as DIY, or you can hire professional landscapers. Many reliable landscaping companies in Dubai can help you fulfil your wishes. Landscapers in Dubai can be easily found that will give you a quote if asked.

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