What do common types of AC noise mean?

In order to make life more comfortable, sophisticated technological advancements are taking place all the time and in everything – right from home appliances to electronic gadgets and more. For example, Air Conditioners (ACs) which were used earlier did not possess sound dampening technology and energy consumption was very high. Today in most of the air conditioners we can observe sound dampening technology and two-stage compressors that reduce ac noise level and makes air conditioner almost noise free. However, after long usage, you can hear some unusual sounds from your ac unit. If the sound is above 55 decibels indicates that your AC needs repair or other AC maintenance services. There are different types of AC noises and each noise is a symptom for a specific issue. If you ignore these AC noises they may turn the initially minor issues into costly repairs. Let’s explore the 8 common ac noises and what do they mean.

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10 Tips to get your Smartphone Working at its Best

These days mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s life right from kids to elders. No one can imagine a day without their smartphone. There are many latest smartphones available in the market with advanced and enhanced features of touchscreen technology. They are simply amazing in performing multiple tasks with maximum speed and efficiency. Most of the people will spend a lot of money to buy the best smartphone that helps in accomplishing their tasks and needs, but if there is no proper maintenance it may become inefficient and the chances of getting damaged are high. Do you know how to make your smartphone more efficient? Let’s explore the 10 best tips to keep your smartphone working at its best.

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How to keep cockroaches out of your home?

Cockroaches are the most common pest in every home. Untidy rooms, leaks, decayed food, etc attract them and with them comes many diseases that can make you and your family unhealthy. People often try to get rid of roaches instantly with over of the counter pest control sprays, however, this is not a permanent solution. Let us share some tips on how to keep cockroaches out permanently from your home.

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