Best practices for installing swimming pool tiles

The beauty of your swimming pool enhances with the tiles used. There are many types of modern swimming pool tiles available in the market in different colors and designs. Choosing, the one you like is important, it is even more important to ensure that the pool tiles are installed properly. So you don’t face any issues in the future. Below are some practices we have gathered for installing swimming pool tiles.

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10 Best tips for swimming pool maintenance

Having a swimming pool in your backyard still remains as something highly desirable by one and all. No matter whether it is a small pool, indoor swimming pool or outdoor swimming pool, hosting a pool-side party, spending long hours laying by the pool on a nice sunny day, doing a few extra laps, having some fun with your family, especially children, brings a lot of joy. However, if the pool is not maintained properly it may spoil the entire appearance, make the pool water dirty and unsafe giving shelter to disease-causing organisms. With little training and practice, general pool maintenance can be done easily by yourself. Flick through these 10 best tips for swimming pool maintenance.

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How to clean and fix a green pool?

As a pool owner, what you don’t want to see is a green pool!

A pool turns green when algae deposits in the water. Lack of circulation, filtration, and sanitation are the primary reasons for the formation of algae in swimming pool water. Though algae are not dangerous, it can quickly become a home for harmful microbes, mosquitoes and other insects that affect the swimmers’ health. Therefore it’s advisable not to swim in the pool when it looks more green than usual. With some proper care, you can fix a green pool. Here are the 5 proven tips to make your pool water clean and ready to swim.

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Tips for wood floor maintenance at your home

If you feel that your home needs a bit more warmth and coziness even after your recent furnishing, you can consider some wood flooring. Wooden floors shall stand strong for many years and is a preferred addition to a home by many interior designers and homemakers. The wooden floors are preferred as they offer great style and defining factor for a space in your home. Needless to say that with this new look and investment comes some care and maintenance. To keep your wooden flooring safe and long lasting have a look at some of these ultimate wood floor maintenance tips.

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10 Reasons behind air conditioner water leakage

Leakage occurs in almost every wet appliance you use in your daily life. You can also observe this in an Air Conditioner (AC) too. When you observe that your AC unit leaking water a quick action should be taken before it turns into a costly repair. This leakage not only damages the performance of AC but also spoils the appearance of your home. Here are the 10 reasons behind air conditioner water leakage.

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