Modern Irrigation Methods to Reduce your Water Bill

Watering a garden daily in Dubai and UAE is vital to keep it green and healthy. Some traditional methods of irrigation can result in wastage of water and increased water bill. With modern types of irrigation, you can not only save water but can also cut down your expenses while ensuring the garden is safe. Here is a quick start guide of modern irrigation methods being used commonly these days.

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How to Choose the Best Home Air Conditioner?

In hot regions like Dubai and UAE, people can’t survive a single day without an Air conditioner (AC). Therefore, ACs at home is not a comfort anymore, it is almost a necessity. A right AC can make a room livable, but a badly chosen AC will only annoy you with many repairs and performance issues. Getting the desired results from your AC will totally depend on what all you considered while buying it. Explore the most important tips to choose the best home air conditioner.

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Latest Kitchen Cabinet Designs for your Home

There is a popular saying “meals and memories are made here”. A kitchen is a very important place in every home and is a place where we spend a lot of time. It is also a place which is quite often visited by your guests and presents a great opportunity to make an impression. Having a well designed and decorated kitchen with proper kitchen cupboards, kitchen storage cabinets, etc. in line with the latest trends, makes your home trendy. Here are some of the latest styles in kitchen cabinet designs for your home.

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Common Process of AC Coil Cleaning

Your AC acts as a savior during the hot summer months in the UAE. Nothing can refresh and revive you than a room that has a perfectly working AC. AC coils play a vital role in cooling of the room as they help in transferring the heat from your room to the outside of your home. However, there are times when your AC stops cooling properly and however much you try the cooling does not improve. In this scenario, and if you haven’t got your AC coils cleaned for a long time, it is likely that the dirt and contaminants have accumulated on the air conditioner coils of your AC units preventing the heat transfer process. This is the time to consider getting an  AC coil cleaning service done. Here is a quick start guide about AC coil cleaning process and its importance.

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Major Home Plumbing Disasters To Avoid While Living In Dubai

There are many problems that can develop within your home’s plumbing system in Dubai. These problems can be very serious if they are not handled correctly. There are many things you can do to prevent these problems and avoid disasters.

Flooding Problems

Flooding is a severe problem where the water starts to pool up in your home. This will cause water damage that also promotes the development of mold. The worst part is that it can happen anywhere including around the pipes in your walls.

Keep any water fixtures in your home shut off when they are not in use. If you ever suspect any water flooding issues like odd odors in your home or lack of water pressure out of your taps, turn off the main of your home as soon as possible. Contact a Professional Plumber as soon as possible

Pipes and Other Fixtures Coming Apart

Plumbing fixtures loosen up for a variety of reasons. Some items experience fatigue and will not run properly after several years of service. Weather conditions often cause physical pressure to pipes, causing them to shift and be dislodged. Damages in walls or concrete can cause some fixtures to get separated as well. 

Get any fixtures that are coming apart fixed as soon as possible. Ask for worn out items to be repaired or replaced quickly and get any leaks or other problems reviewed and sorted out before something terrible happens. These pipes and other items should also be checked if your property has had previous damages or if you’re going through maintenance or renovation project.

Damaged Drains

A block or clog can damage a drain. Clogs can cause pipes to wear out and weaken as water could leak, while some clogs might cause plumbing systems to shift and weaken.

You also need to be careful when using chemical- based drain cleaners. Some chemicals might cause the pipes and other features in your plumbing system to deteriorate and may also cause excess buildups if not removed completely after the treatment is done. 

You’ll can use a plunger to get clogs in your drain treated first. The pressure and force generated by such a device can help. A drain auger may work as well although it’s best for a professional to come to your property with an auger to take care of the issue.

Water Heater and Filter Break Downs

When the water heater in your home breaks down, It will be harder to regulate the temperature of the water in your home in addition to a general lack in water temperature. In general water heaters can not be repaired and need to be replaced once the unit comes to end of the manufacturer specified life span.  

A filter may be linked directly to your water heater to keep the water clean. When the filter wears out, the water that gets into your home will be vulnerable to contaminants.  

In many cases, the water heater and filter might break down together due to long usage or from fatigue. In other cases, physical damages from usage can result is failure to internal components. 

The water filters in your home should be checked regularly. You might want to get them replaced every year just to be safe. You should also ask for help if you see anything unusual in your water or if takes longer than usual for hot water to come through the faucets and fittings.

Contact us for a  Dubai based professional plumber if you need help in taking care of any plumbing related issue in your home.  

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