Tips to make your home look bigger

All rooms in a home are not the same, some are big and some small. However, no matter how big the room is, everyone wishes to decorate it beautifully. People often feel that furnishing a small room is impossible without it looking congested and packed. Some smart tricks like the right choice of paint, wallpapers, and other furnishings, etc. can make a small room look bigger. Let’s explore a list of such tips.

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Tips to keep your garden sprinklers in the best condition  

Gardens become parched in the scorching heat of summers in Dubai or the UAE. The only thing to keep a garden healthy is watering the plants well, which does not necessarily mean to keep them watered all the times but to give them the right amount of water and more importantly at the right time. Water sprinkler and irrigation system play a major role in this and it is more important to keep them in good condition. They will not work efficiently if they are not well maintained. Following are the 5 important tips to keep your garden sprinkler in the best condition.
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How to get your home furnished in a breeze?

Furnishings make your home – a home. However, getting the right furnishing done for your home is time consuming, frustrating and very soon falls low on priority with other more important things taking over on your to-do list. Following are the furnishings that you mostly needed when you want to give your home a makeover or when you decide to move into a new home. As you will realize, just the sheer possibilities available add complexity to the process, however, some established recommendations from experienced professionals can help you make the right choice.

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