5 Things To Think About When Hiring a Pest Control Company

There are many options offered for pest control in Dubai.  No two pest control service providers will certainly be alike, though. You have to look at a few key points when figuring out who should be entrusted to take care of the pest control needs in your home.

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How to Hire a Pest Control company in Dubai

In this article, we tell you about how to hire a pest control company to best meet your requirements

Pests in a home can be a major hygiene problem, they not only spread diseases, but they can leave excrement’ which can also cause food poisoning and skin diseases. They are also dangerous to kids as they cause bites or can even get into their foods. A professional pest control company will identify the invading pest and will know how to get rid of them.

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5 Tips to Increase AC Life

With rising global temperature and an increasing humidity, the AC is undoubtedly one of the most important appliances in your Dubai home. However, in such extreme weather conditions, we tend to overuse our AC a lot. Replacing an AC unit in an apartment or villa maybe required every 3-5 years depending usage. However with regular maintenance and sensible usage its possible to prolong the life of an AC unit with a minimum loss of cooling effectiveness. 

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5 Tips to Ensure Long Lasting Paint Job

Exterior & Interior paint is the first line of defense against the harsh sunshine and (occasional) rain we face here in Dubai. It is also the first impression given by the house to a guest. An interior paint job could reflect the kind of person you are, while giving your room a clean & crisp look And a professional paint job is synonyms with any high value property. 

However, the sad truth is that most of the time the paint doesn’t last long and you end up with a shriveled wall with peeling or dull looking paint. A good paint job is not only an investment of your money but also of your time. The following tips will help you ensure that you have long lasting paint.

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A list of Plumbing Issues in Dubai Homes

Your typical Dubai resident will have to deal with several plumbing related issues in their homes.  The harsh summer weather where temperates may reach over 40C can stress an apartment or villa plumbing system, resulting in various problems. Fortunately these issues can be fixed with minimum hassle and cost if the you contact the right plumbing professionals for help.

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