carpet cleaning tips

Carpets are one of the furnishings that catch the attention of your guests very quickly. But as you might not be aware, carpets are the primary absorbers of dirt and dust present in your home. To make them look great and help them last longer, regular carpet cleaning is essential. Have you ever wondered how clean are your carpets actually even though you might be cleaning regularly and how to clean them properly? Look through the 10 ultimate carpet cleaning tips to make your carpet look best.

Stop rubbing

The most common mistake you can make after seeing a stain on their carpet is rubbing the stain to remove it. Rather than rubbing, whenever there is a stain on your carpet, take a sponge, cloth or a paper and blot.

Freeze the gum

If you or your kids directly step on the carpet with footwear after wearing them outside your home, chances of bringing in gum and it sticking to the carpet are high. If it happens, don’t try to take it out immediately. Place the ice cubes on the gum and let it freeze for some time. This method will easily remove the gum without damaging your carpet.

Pre-vacuum first

Before cleaning the carpet vacuum it first. This helps in removing the dirt and dust accumulated on it. If you clean the carpet without pre-vacuum it may not look clean. Some cleaners will skip this process so, make sure that you are hiring a professional.

Avoid harsh chemicals

The most important factor in cleaning a carpet is choosing the right cleaning product. Avoid using cheap carpet cleaning chemicals which contains too many harsh products. Using such products will damage the fabric of the carpet and make it look worn out. Make sure you are using the best carpet cleaner for your carpet.

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Don’t wet too much

Another important tip to keep in mind while cleaning the carpet is not wetting it too much. If this happens carpet may lose its colour. Some carpets will shrink and if the back gets too wet it will be very difficult to get it dry. With over wetting there can also be problems like mold and mildew.

Avoid over shampooing

If too much shampoo is used or the carpet is not properly rinsed then we call it as over shampooing. It would be difficult to clean the excess of foam settled on the carpet and ultimately the carpet would become a dirt magnet.

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Respond quickly

If you find a stain on your carpet try to remove it as fast as a flash. If you leave the stain for long hours it may soak into the carpet and it would be very difficult to clean. Apart from that the chances of mold growth and odor increases.

Check the specifications on the carpet before using cleaning products

Whether you are cleaning the carpet by yourself or taking the help of a cleaner it is must to check the specifications given on the carpet. Not all carpet cleaning products are good to use and not all carpets would react same for the cleaning solutions using. To make the carpet longlasting don’t forget to follow the rules given by the manufacturer.

Clean the filters and vacuum bags regularly

To keep the clean regular vacuuming and deep cleaning is required. While vacuuming make sure that the filters and bags of the vacuum are cleaned. This is important because, if the filters are clogged, they can’t remove the dirt effectively.

Don’t often go for DIY

Even if you are good at cleaning the carpet on your own, taking the help of a professional cleaner is important because all the stains and dirt accumulated cannot be removed with the regular process. So, for a perfect carpet maintenance approach use a professional at least once a year.

With the above carpet cleaning tips, you can increase the life of your carpet. If you don’t enjoy vacuuming or too busy with your regular work, call a professional carpet cleaning company who could provide a better service.

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