Prepping your favourite baking dish and holding the oven’s ON/OFF knob in your hand instead? That is not good pre-dinner news. But we’ve all been there, in one way or the other. Extend the life of your appliance and avoid oven repairs by following these ten easy oven maintenance tips. Read on for how to keep a cleaner, more efficient and healthier oven.

1. Be gentle

Handle your oven with care – manhandling the door and the knobs lead to hanging hinges and broken or loose knobs, which in turn translates into breakdowns and repairs.

2. Keep it clean

Wipe your oven down with prescribed cleaning agents on a regular basis. Take care to avoid stronger cleaning agents as they might corrode the paint on the outside of the coating layer on the inside. Remember to unplug the oven before wiping it.

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3. Check the connections

The electric, as well as gas connections that power your oven, must be checked in as well. Make sure you have proper connections since any loose wires or pipes can cause sparks leading to major damage or even a fire.

4. Use correct power outlets

It is not just the power connections that are important, the correct power supply is equally responsible for the optimum performance and good health of your oven. Make sure that your oven is not connected to a low power outlet, as it will greatly affect the appliance.

5. Book an oven spa!

Though an oven is typically a low maintenance appliance, a little bit of pampering will take you a long way. Book your appliance for annual service with your oven repair service in Dubai as a preventive action, even if only to avoid surprise breakdowns. This is also a great way to ensure that it gets cleaned professionally as well!

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6. Keep an eye on the burners

Check the burner coils for deformities and bright spots – these are indicators that the coils need to be replaced. A deformed coil means that it is about to short, which will cause a significant amount of damage to the burners and even the oven.

7. Limit spillage

When cooking something that tends to overflow, protect your oven by lining your oven racks with a cookie sheet and tin foil. Be sure not to block the vents though. Once you are done, remember to deep clean the grates – the longer the mess sits on the racks, the more it will burn.

8. Use the oven as an oven

Do not use the door handle to hang oven mitts or dishcloths – not only do you weaken the handles and hinges but it is also a huge fire risk. 

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9. Keep the door closed

Keep the oven door closed while you are using it. This will save power and reduce cook time, and also help to not burden the oven unnecessarily. When you open the door, the heat escapes, prompting the oven to work harder to bring it up to the required temperature again. So set that timer, take a break and let the oven do its job.

10. Call in the pros

You might be the most diligent person in your kitchen, but there are some issues that are best handled by professionals. Sometimes there will be oven repair issues that cannot be handled by you with these simple tips. At that time, it is best to call in the big guns – have a technician visit from your oven repair service and take a look at whatever is bothering your machine.  

While all these suggestions are simple DIY hacks, they are effective enough to keep the repairman at bay – if followed religiously. Despite this, if you find yourself in a sticky spot and need someone to fix your oven, do not hesitate to connect with your oven repair service for a quick, efficient and reliable solution to all your oven repair problems. 

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