tips to keep your smartphone working at its best

These days mobile phones have become a part of everyone’s life right from kids to elders. No one can imagine a day without their smartphone. There are many latest smartphones available in the market with advanced and enhanced features of touchscreen technology. They are simply amazing in performing multiple tasks with maximum speed and efficiency. Most of the people will spend a lot of money to buy the best smartphone that helps in accomplishing their tasks and needs, but if there is no proper maintenance it may become inefficient and the chances of getting damaged are high. Do you know how to make your smartphone more efficient? Let’s explore the 10 best tips to keep your smartphone working at its best.

Use dark wallpaper

Wallpapers are the most battery hungry elements. To increase the life of your smart mobile phones prefer dark themed wallpaper. These themes consume less power over other themes. However, it mostly depends on the type of the touchscreen display you have. If your mobile has an AMOLED display then you can save the battery using black wallpapers.

Scrap all unused apps

Most of the people will fill their mobile space with different apps even though they will not use many of them. Apps which are not used will also run in the background and slowly consume your battery and this could be the main reason for reducing your battery life. To keep your smartphone safe uninstall the unused apps.

Keep your software updated

Do you often ignore the software update notifications? All the apps are designed to work best with specific OS. Updating the software will not only add new features but also help in running your apps fastly. Some of the updates have bug fixing and performance enhancement features which will speed up your mobile phone.

Reduce the brightness

To keep your battery safe and secure for a long time reduce the brightness of your phone as brightness is directly proportional to power consumption. You can adjust the brightness depending on the light around you. By toggling the auto brightness in your mobile you can automatically adjust the brightness but this will quickly decrease the battery life.

Turn Cellular data off

Cellular data and Wifi could drain the battery swiftly. Whenever you are not using the mobile phone turn off the cellular data or wifi to save your battery. If you leave the Wifi without turning off, it could automatically connect to the network in the nearest range if the Wifi is free to use.

Keep your storage optimized

As smartphones are provided with a high-quality camera and sound system surely you will have hundreds of images, videos, and songs on your mobile. All these will consume more space and decrease the speed of your mobile. Check the storage space regularly and move all the images, songs etc to SD card or cloud base storage to speed up your phone.

Cut back on widgets

Though widgets make your home screen more helpful they will decrease the battery life very quickly. Some widgets will not damage your phone but the widgets that will update often consume battery and show their impact on your smartphone working.

Don’t go for fast charging often

Fast charging can be a lifesaver in some cases but, using it often will slowly damage your phone battery and lessen the life. Fast charger circuits will generate more heat and break down the battery components. To increase the life of your battery and to keep your smartphone working at its best, use fast charging only when you need.

Keep away from extreme temperatures

Unlike other electronic gadgets smartphones too cannot handle extreme temperatures. The recommended temperature range is around 35 degrees Fahrenheit to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  If your mobile is directly exposed to high temperatures battery gets too hot and it starts discharging irrespective of usage. Leaving your mobile in extremely cold places not only cause battery damage but also damage the display screen. Avoid exposing your smartphone to extreme temperatures to keep it working at its best.

Turn off push notifications

Push notifications are one of the reasons for decreasing your mobile phone battery. Apps will run automatically and generate messages know as push notifications hence, these notifications use more battery. To run your smartphone faster turn off the push notifications and location-based services.

With all the above tips you can use your mobile for a long time without any issues. However, if you encounter some major issues in mobile working, approach a nearby professional technician to repair your smartphone.

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