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Moving homes can be a daunting task for anyone whether you are renting or moving into your own home in Dubai or the UAE. There are, however, a few things you could consider in the entire process that can ease out the usual frustration and stress that comes with the home moving.

Decide on the date of your move

Summer is the busiest time of year for moving. Families with kids prefer to move when school is not in session and hence this is the ideal time for the move. Generally, in the UAE, rentals are also a bit subdued in this period as a lot of expatriate families are away to their home countries or long vacations, which leaves fewer customers looking for properties.

Shortlist your moving providers

Speaking of all that time and money that comes along with any move, if you’re going to use a moving company, gather your estimates as soon as you can. Schedules can fill up quickly, and everybody is usually clamoring for the same spots right at the beginning and end of each month. There are plenty of options available in the market for moving, including HomeGenie.

Survey your new home properly

Try to get a good understanding of the layout of your new home, including, taking measurements of rooms and spaces, etc. This survey will help you in getting prepared with the move and settling your stuff in or identifying if you will have to buy anything, requiring additional budget.

Identify things you need to buy for the new place including furniture

Start planning for the new furniture, appliances and other items you would like to get for your new home early, as you might then time it around any promotions or offers from your favorite stores.

Apply for all approvals and utilities, well in advance

As soon as you finalize your contract with your landlord or have your ownership document ready, do apply for your DEWA connection, Du/ Etisalat telephone and internet lines and the Ejari from Dubai Land Department. This takes some time so applying them earlier helps in ensuring that they are ready by the day you move in.

Stop sharing your current address setup your new address to receive your post

Once the move is decided, you should stop sharing your existing home address on new subscription services, Ideally, give the new address and arrange a pickup service to the new location. Gradually start changing the old subscription services to the new ones. This will ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

Apply for the Entry permit for your new home

In many communities and buildings in Dubai and UAE, you need to apply for an entry permit from the building/ community management for the On-site Security to allow the moving company trucks to enter the premises. This is to avoid any disappointment on the day of the move.

Clear all the junk or things to discard

While it is a good idea to pare down, there are still plenty of things we all tend to keep in our homes that we don’t actually use all that often. Save yourself from the last-minute rush (at least somewhat), and get a jump on things by starting to pack up those seldom-used items right away. Also, do decide to junk some bigger items you don’t need or cannot fit into your new home.

Do an inventory check before handover

Do a thorough check of the inventories and any breakages or lost items, wear and tear, from your current home. This is to ensure that the property is handed over to the owner in an acceptable state to get your Rental advance amount back. Generally, the issues are around locks, keys, painting, any broken bathroom or kitchen fittings, etc.

Identify your preferred  maintenance company

There are plenty of options available in the market for home maintenance including HomeGenie. It would be wise to identify a maintenance company beforehand just in case there is an emergency situation, right after you move. At HomeGenie, we provide all maintenance services to our customers, so that they really don’t have to hunt around for reliable and affordable providers.

With the above list sorted, you will be quite ready, before the day you actually move homes.

At HomeGenie, we have supported numerous of customers with their move and associated work that comes with it. We look forward to serving you!

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