10 life hacks from cleaning professional in dubai

Ever wondered why the guys from the cleaning company in Dubai always trump you at the job? For one, they’re professionals; and secondly, they have some great cleaning tricks up their sleeve. Now imagine the superpower you would acquire if you got into some of these hacks. We are about to help you do just that – read on for some hacks that professional cleaning services in Dubai use to deliver great results. 

1. Optimise your dishwasher

Don’t limit your dishwasher to just dirty dishes, throw in any glass and ceramic knickknacks like jars, candle holders and even a curio or two. The dishwasher will do a great job of cleaning them up. Just remember to steer clear of plastic items that may melt.

2. Keep an old pillowcase for spring cleaning

Cleaning a room always works better from the top down. That is, as long as you don’t end up creating a bigger mess than you started off with. A great way to contain the flying dust when you start with wiping off the ceiling fan is by using an old pillowcase for the process. In a single action, you can wipe off as well as collect the dust from the blades.

3. Know your vacuum cleaner

Knowing how to use a machine is the best way to get the most out of it. The same goes for your vacuum cleaner. There is a science to it that most of us ignore – the push movement is to put the machine head in place while the pull action is the one where the majority of cleaning takes place. So slow down during the pull pass and you will have carpets as clean as those done by a carpet cleaning service in Dubai

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4. Steam your worries away

Steam cleaning, a popular method with deep cleaning services in Dubai, not only disinfects because of its high temperature and deep action, but it is also known to leave residue-free surfaces. Compared to chemical cleaners and even homemade solutions and pastes, a steam cleaner depends only on water vapor. As a result, there is nothing left behind for dirt to catch on to. Squeaky clean is what you get. Another steam hack involves ammonia and your clothes iron. Works very well for stubborn carpet stains. 

5. Pet hair problems worked out

Use a rubber glove and clean up pet hair in a jiffy. Finding cat or dog hair clinging to every surface can be quite a mood dampener. Make the cleaning routine easier for yourself. Put on a rubber glove, drag your hand across cloth surfaces like carpets, upholstery, curtains, and rugs and you will have all the offending tresses gathered up. This is a trick that pro carpet and sofa cleaners in Dubai resort to sometimes.

6. Concrete stains can be cleaned

Wondering what to do with those post barbeque grease stains on your concrete or the puddle your car made in the driveway when it was on its last legs? It’s drain cleaning liquid to the rescue! All you have to do is cover the stain with a layer of the liquid and let it sit for a while. Now take a stiff nylon brush and scrub the right stain out.

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7. Freshen up your mattress 

Bought a new mattress for that fresh feeling? A few months on and your new mattress can become a musty, smelly home for germs. Clean it like the pro mattress cleaning team would, and throw in some personalization while you are at it. We are talking a few drops of your favorite essential oil mixed well in a box of baking soda. A sprinkle, light rub and a thorough vacuum later, you have a great smelling, stain, and dust mite free mattress.

8. Get rid of your mop pail

The bucket that you lug around the house actually adds to the mess. All that splashing around and you are left with puddles where there were none. Swap the pail for a spray bottle and a handy mop to spritz and wipe.

9. White vinegar hacks

White vinegar is one of those genies that solves the most important cleaning issues – water stains on taps and faucets and even blocked showerheads. All you need is a towel soaked in white vinegar to wipe off the white deposits from your fittings, while the showerhead can be soaked overnight for best results.

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10.  Make a plan of action

This is not a suggestion for cleaning compulsives – it is easily the top hack that professional cleaners in Dubai employ. Draw out a plan of action when you start cleaning. It will help you organise your efforts for optimum results. For example, start from the top down and go around the room instead of crisscrossing around it. It also helps to start with tougher areas like the bathroom or the kitchen, than with easy jobs like folding and dusting.


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