Painting your apartment can be a cheerful task or an annoying one depending upon your mood and personality.
Painting is one way not only to decorate your living space but also to brighten it up. Today, many people choose to stick with wallpapers or plain white or colored paints, but if you are artistic about it and hold yourself open to ideas, you might find that playing with colors will give you a present surprise.

So without further ado, let’s look at some of the apartment interior painting ideas that will inspire you.

Ditch The White:White is the standard apartment paint color, but you don’t always have to play by rules. So ditch the boring white, and enter the world of colors. There are numerous palettes to choose from, so the possibilities are endless.

Softer Hues:Softer colors like pale white, light blue and green can make the apartment a bit more bright. However, the soft colors also create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your apartment.

Somber:The more somber colors like grey and half white are also a good choice. They may seem to give off a melancholy tune, but they can still brighten up space with the right furniture and proper lighting.

Make A Statement:The sure fast way of making space more popping any eye-catching is to use bold colors like yellow, orange, blue or even dark pink can help you to brighten up your apartment.

Get Inspired By Nature:
Natural themes are all the rage today for décor and furniture. Using light brown or brown grey hues will complement that décor perfectly.

Use Black:
Who said that black was depressing? With a careful combination of wall art, pictures and even a clock along with other things, you can create a minimalistic themed room where plenty of natural light is available every day that can fill up space, brightening it instantly.

Shades Of Blue:
There is a wide range of shades of blue that can be used to achieve the goal of brightening up your apartment. Light blue, dark blue, sky blue or even blue colored walls look wonderful.

Green Friendly:
Green is another color that can be used to achieve the same effect. There are many shades of green that can be used to paint your apartment, including but not limited to pale, light, dark, sea green, parrot and yellow-green etc. Combined with green furniture, curtains and apartments, the whole space will look like a scene out of nature.

The silver color is best out of all colors considering that it’s not that boring white and still complements almost all types of décor furniture and accessories.

Create Patterns:
That’s right; you can create patterns on your walls during the painting. The process is simple and straightforward; you use the special tape and stick it on walls in precise patterns and shapes. Of course, the more complex the pattern, the more gorgeous the outcome will be. After paint drys, peel of the tape, which will leave a design of the wall.

That’s not all you can do; in fact, you can also lightly paint scenes like ocean waves or greenery at the bottom to accentuate the walls.

Wall Color Combination For Small Living:
You can make combos out of different color paints or different shades of the same color. One wall will be painted with one color, while the other with a different one, creating up a beautiful combination. For example, the wall that comes on the back of your couch can be painted orange, and the rest with peach color.

Apartment Painting Costs:
There are many different apartment painting services in Dubai that charge different costs depending upon the square feet. The cost of painting an apartment in Dubai is around AED 850 with an additional AED 150 for the ceiling for one-bedroom type. Two-bedroom apartment paint can reach up to AED 1270, depending upon the location.

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