Curtains are a must-have for windows. With their help, you can achieve privacy and a way to stop the harsh sunlight beating the interior of your home. But curtains aren’t just functional; they are also used for aesthetics. Using different curtain designs for the living room can make space look more inviting instead of utilitarian.

Here, we have prepared a list discussing different curtain design for the living room in your home. If you want to, you can use the same ideas to buy curtains for bedrooms too.

Curtain Ideas/ Designs For Living Room:

Double Curtains:This curtain idea has been our personal favourite. Double curtains are simple to implement. All you need is an extra curtain rod for the extra fabric, and you are ready to go. The outer layer can be of heavy fabric, and the curtain closer to the window can be thin and gauzy. This has many advantages. If you do not want to block sunlight but still don’t want anyone to catch a glimpse of your living room, you only need to close the thin, gauzy curtain.

Match The Theme:You can easily buy curtains that match the overall theme and style of your living room. They can be either patterned like wallpaper or one single color.

Go For Solid Color:A solid colored curtain is a big no-no for some people, but from personal experience, such fabrics have their own charm and are excellent in blocking out the curious gazes from the outside.

Or For Pattern:Like we said before, not everyone likes solid-coloured fabrics for curtains. Patterned curtains with different designs like vines and flowers or simple geometrical shapes would be a good choice for those people.

Pure White:
No one can deny that pure white curtains give of that classic look that is hard to resist. The windows look simple, elegant and blended in with the surroundings, especially if you have used softer hues in decorating your living room.

Go Stripes!
The basic design of horizontal or vertical lines on the fabric is a very simple window curtain design that you can’t resist. The lines can alternate through the whole fabric, or a design can be created out of it by having the lines at the top or the bottom or unequal blocks of two colours.

Roman Blinds:
Instead of folding the blinds on the sides, the roman blinds fold upwards, saving a lot of space and producing a unique look. These blinds are obviously different from traditional ones, so they can make space look more fresh and unique.

Play With Bold:
Some might think that using brightly coloured curtains can make them look hideous and out of space. That’s not always true. Play with different colors, no matter how bright they look, and choose the one that complements the surroundings perfectly.

Tie Back:
No matter what year it’s going to be, tie back curtains never go out of fashion. They look utterly elegant, and experimenting with tie back rooms can yield interesting results. The tie-back curtains can either be on both sides with two curtains or one-sided with a single piece of fabric

Plain Curtains:
Sometimes, simplicity is the best thing to root for, and the same idea can be adapted in this place. Don’t try to find the most unique design; just choose a plain curtain that looks simple and elegant.

Sheer Curtains:
Sheer curtains are more of a simple choice that allows you to still have privacy, but will not block out any sunlight from the outsides.

Partial Cover:
It’s not necessary to cover the whole window with the curtains, and you can also choose the option of partial covering with curtains hanging from the mid or slightly above the middle of the window.

Pull Inside:
This actually a new idea that has not become that popular yet, but has plenty of potentials. The railings are mounted on top of the window along with the adjoining wall, so when the curtain is pulled, it will hang from the sidewall and not from the corners of the window.

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