best tips for swimming pool maintenance

Having a swimming pool in your backyard still remains as something highly desirable by one and all. No matter whether it is a small pool, indoor swimming pool or outdoor swimming pool, hosting a pool-side party, spending long hours laying by the pool on a nice sunny day, doing a few extra laps, having some fun with your family, especially children, brings a lot of joy. However, if the pool is not maintained properly it may spoil the entire appearance, make the pool water dirty and unsafe giving shelter to disease-causing organisms. With little training and practice, general pool maintenance can be done easily by yourself. Flick through these 10 best tips for swimming pool maintenance.

Use your pool regularly

If you use your pool regularly, there will be less scope of algae formation. The water when left unused turns green and also insects like mosquitoes, etc. start infesting it. Use your pool at least once in a fortnight or if you are not using it regularly, you can empty the pool and fill the water only in the warm season.

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Regular pool water testing

Regular testing of the water is another best pool care. You can collect water from the surface and get it tested within one hour of collecting the sample. This will give you an appropriate chemical condition of the home pool water.

Fix all the filters as they are kidneys of your pool

Filers are the kidneys of your swimming pool, hence, they should be always kept clean. Like human kidneys filters all sorts of waste and then process the good food for digestion, similarly, filters also keep the wastes away from entering the pool. They keep swimming pool water clean for a longer time.

Check for consistent pool treatment chemicals

Pool cleaning agents can be used to clean and maintain the swimming pool water. These pool cleaners can be mixed with water in a moderate quantity, as directed by the manufacturer, to keep the water clean for a long time.  

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Always keep an eye on the water level

The water level in the swimming pool should be to the mark. When the water level changes, the chemical levels of the water also changes which causes pool water to vary the quality. Hence, maintain the water levels for best results.

Tennis balls absorb oils

Another easiest play & clean method for swimming pool water treatment is that the use of tennis ball. Throw a few tennis balls to float them on the water surface. These balls will pull away excess oil and dirt from the water. Remove the balls from water, wash them and you can now use them to play as usual.

Power wash for deck shine appearance

Power wash your pool for that deck shine appearance like you do to your decks. Though it is not an easy task it gives a shiny look to the walls and makes the pool appear clean and new.

Maintain the temperature of the pool water

By maintaining the temperature of the pool water, the chemical levels also remain constant. The inappropriate temperature will make the water to turn green or form algae on it.

Take a shower before entering

This is an important step that many people neglect. We carry different bacterias on our body that can spoil the swimming pool chlorine levels. Also, encourage the use of shower caps and proper costume when you or your guests want to enter the pool.

To make sure that your pool water is safe and secure get a pool service from a professional pool maintenance company at least once a year.

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best tips for swimming pool maintenance
best tips for swimming pool maintenance
best tips for swimming pool maintenance