How to book a service

How to book a service with HomeGenie ?

HomeGenie is the first on-demand Home Maintenance Services focussed platform in Dubai and the UAE.
We work with our carefully vetted service delivery partners (and their staff, also referred to as Genie) to provide a
Simple, Reliable and Affordable experience to our customers. Our world-class technology platform ensures availability of all the possible booking methods preferred by our customers, and service priorities, including an emergency or requirement at a preferred day/ time. The customer requirement is matched to the most suitably qualified expert (or Genie) in real-time using our proprietary algorithm even if a customer requires service on a Friday or a Public Holiday.

Booking Methods
All HomeGenie services can be booked with HomeGenie using any of the following 3 booking methods.
Customer Service
Call (+97144489595)
Book through our website
Mobile App
iOS and Android apps (available freely on AppStore and Play store)
While the calling option open from SAT-THU from 8 AM to 8 PM only, booking using the website or our mobile apps can be made by our customers anytime and anywhere 24x7 and 365 days a year, even on public holidays.
Service priorities
Attended within 2 hours from the time of the booking. Booking facility is open 24/7 and confirmation is based on real-time search and availability. Available at an additional charge.
same day
Same Day*
Attended any time before 6 PM on the same day. Booking facility is open between 8 AM to a cut-off of 12 PM and confirmation is based on real-time search and availability. No additional charge is applicable.
Attended between 8 AM to 6 PM from the next day onwards. Booking facility is open 24/7 and confirmation is instant. Available at the best price.
Fridays and Public Holidays
We also offer bookings for Friday and Public holidays for a limited set of services which are confirmed only based on staff availability, community rules, local labor laws, and municipality guidelines. Additional charges apply for these services.