Sofa upholstery cleaning in Dubai and UAE

Sofas are the biggest hideout of germs, mites and bacteria in every household, causing allergic reactions. It is therefore important to get the sofas cleaned regularly, specially if you have young children at home.

The best solution to your problem is to simply book a sofa cleaning service in Dubai and UAE with HomeGenie. All you need to do is book online or use our iOS and android mobile apps and a cleaning expert will be instantly assigned to reach your doorstep on the agreed day and time. Our experts are professionally trained to clean all types of sofa upholstery at your home. The advantage of getting sofa cleaning service from HomeGenie is that you can have your home treated, with complete peace of mind while we at HomeGenie work hard to ensure you get the best quality, reliably and at an affordable price.


Service Details

What’s included:

  • Preparing cleaning site, generally outdoors
  • Dusting and vacuuming the fabric
  • Shampoo cleaning, using professional fabric shampoos, included if selected separately at the time of booking.
  • Or if included, steam cleaning, to disinfect further and remove stains (also generally preferred for delicate materials, not leather or silk).
  • Remove excess water; and
  • Place it back in the location
  • *Hard to remove substances stuck to the fabric e.g. chewing gum, etc. might not go away.


Customer to assist in getting access to community and service location. Electricity and water connection to be active.

Price Details

Fixed Price Services:

  • Minimum service* charges of AED 50 per sofa seat
  • AED 50 for additional sofa seat.
  • *Minimum service charges are applicable for shampoo cleaning only. Service charges, fixed on the basis of information provided, may vary at the time of actual service due to any special condition or requirement


  • Additional charges apply for Emergency and Friday bookings, based on availability and permissions from community/ building, as confirmed by the customer. VAT charges are not included and are based on the total invoice amount.

FAQs on Sofa upholstery cleaning Services

Why should we get sofa upholstery cleaned ?

There could be many reasons why you would want to or should get your sofa cleaned professionally. Some of the reasons are that sofa might be too dirty, have some stains you want to get rid of, It might be too dusty, or it could be regular cleaning, removing dust mites causing allergies or after a pest control treatment e.g. general pest control.

What type of sofa upholstery can be cleaned as part of this service ?

All type and sizes of sofa can be cleaned as part of the carpets cleaning service including cotton, leather, jute, silk, etc. Also, all sizes of sofa upholstery can be cleaned. Steam cleaning is not used for sensitive fabric e.g. silk and leather.

What are the methods available for cleaning the sofa ?

The most basic form of sofa cleaning is the vacuum cleaning, which can be done at home. However, professional sofa cleaning companies use two type of cleaning methods – shampoo and steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is more advanced method to get rid of stubborn stains and better disinfection.

1. Shampoo cleaning: High-quality fabric shampoos are used to clean the sofa so that stains, etc. are removed which cannot be removed from vacuuming or water.

2. Steam cleaning: Steam cleaning machines are used to clean the sofa. The high temperature of the steam ensures almost 99% disinfection and cleaning of any bacteria or germs.

Is it necessary to be outside the home during the sofa upholstery cleaning service ?

No. However, if someone is allergic to dust then it’s advisable to stay away from home from 2-4 hours.

What can I do in preparation for an upcoming sofa upholstery cleaning service ?

In preparation of a sofa cleaning service, you can do the following preparations –

1. Ensure any extra covering of the sofa is removed and if possible it is rolled up in a corner,

2. Ensure sofa is vacuumed and identify problems with the sofa e.g. stains, etc.; and,

3. Ensure that a space is identified outside in the balcony or garden to perform the service.

Cleaning Services in Dubai, UAE

HomeGenie is the first one-stop Home Maintenance conceirge service in the UAE. We tirelessly search for an work with our carefully vetted delivery partners to help provide simple, reliable and affordable Home Maintenance end-to-end solution to our customers. Our objective is to become a trusted household name for all Home Maintenance solutions for our customer.

HomeGenie Cleaning Service Process.

A cleaning service booked through HomeGenie usually starts with a SIGNUP and booking via web or the iOS/ android apps (available free of cost). Depending upon if the booking is inspection based, fixed price or survey based, the service is delivered by the assigned Genie at the agreed date, time and location.

  • Inspection Based: If the service is an inspection based service e.g. repair then it requires some diagnosis and thereby a call-out charge is applicable to this service. The inspection will result in an estimate to the customer which needs to be approved or rejected. If approved the service is delivered at the agreed estimate. If rejected, the call-out charge is collected.
  • Fixed Price: For fixed price services e.g general cleaning, the prices are calculated based on the questions answerd as part of the booking process. The prices can vary due to exceptional or unknown difference to the scope provided.
  • Survey Based: Services which require a visit or a call with the customer, to gaather requirements and preferences of the customer, including dimensions, before giving an estimate to the customer. There is no charge for a survey.

The customer once satisfied by the work completed will approve the payment which results in an invoice after the payment is received. Customers are further urged to rate the handyman for us to continue improving our customer experience. In case of any compliants or concerns.

Why HomeGenie for Cleaning Services?

At HomeGenie, we are focussed on providing a professional cleaning service experience to our customer with the following advantages:

  • Professional service
  • 15 day service warranty,
  • Insurance covered
  • Emergency service (24×7),
  • Competitive prices
  • Due to the above, we take pride in being as the most professional provider of cleaning services in Dubai and the UAE.

Due to the above advantages, we take pride as the most reliable company for all AC services

Other Cleaning Related Services

We provide other common cleaning related services including – water tank cleaning, duct cleaning, AC cleaning These services can be provided as standard or emergency services.

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