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Cleaning company in Dubai and UAE

Time to clean up the house but not up to the task? Take the help of a cleaning company in Dubai for the best results. Whether it is a large family that you are dealing with, a brood of young children or just the fact that you regularly get in late from work, does not mean that the cleanliness of your home needs to be compromised. There are cleaning services in Dubai that will happily arrive at your doorstep at the click of a button to mop, dust and wipe your worries away! HomeGenie is one such reliable service. Get online and book from any of their various services, or download the free iOS and Android app. A support system for cleaning any part of your home is close at hand – be it maids in Dubai, a general cleaning service or something more specific like mattress cleaning or even a post construction clean up. At HomeGenie, we ensure that your daily schedule is not interrupted, nor is any inconvenience caused to you. We provide fully trained teams that do great quality work at fair and reasonable rates. Our teams respond promptly to bookings and reach your doorstep at a day and time chosen by you. HomeGenie also offers cost estimates, free surveys, Emergency, and Same day facilities. Book your cleaning company in Dubai by downloading the HomeGenie iOS or Android app now!

General Cleaning

Planning to clean up the pad with a good spit and polish? Book yourself a team with the best cleaning services in Dubai for a sparkling clean, disinfected and healthy home!
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Window cleaning

Give your glass window panes and doors a good wipe down, even those hard to reach corners. Hire HomeGenie’s window cleaning service to make your view of the outside clearer.
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Mattress cleaning

Huge spill stinking up your mattress? Get your mattress washed, disinfected and dried with a professional mattress cleaning.
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Sofa upholstery cleaning

Looking at cleaning up your living room before your house guests arrive? A sofa cleaning service in Dubai is just a free app download away.
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Floor cleaning or polishing

Our floor cleaning team does a great job of cleaning and polishing all kinds of flooring – be it marble, tile, wood or granite. Book with HomeGenie for quality work at affordable rates.
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Deep cleaning

Give your home more than a regular vacuum and dusting job – choose HomeGenie’s deep cleaning service for a thorough and detailed cleaning job.
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Façade cleaning

Does the outside of your house look old and dirty? Let our professionally trained façade cleaning service spruce up the exterior of your home to give you a façade as clean as the inside.
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Carpet cleaning

Say ‘no’ to watery eyes, sneezes and unexplained allergy symptoms – let HomeGenie’s carpet cleaning service disinfect and clean up the rugs and carpets to rid your home of dust mites and allergies.
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Curtain cleaning

HomeGenie can shampoo clean or steam clean your curtains depending on the requirement. Our curtain cleaning services are professionally trained to deal with any size and material of curtains and drapes in your home.
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Custom cleaning jobs – Drain and sewer cleaning, post-construction cleaning and others

HomeGenie is your stop for anything to do with cleaning – be it a general cleaning of the house or something specific like drain and sewer cleaning or a post construction clean up – we have the right team for you. Free surveys and Emergency facilities give priority to our customers and help us serve you better.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What are the kinds of home cleaning services available in Dubai and the UAE?

Different types of cleaning services are available in Dubai and the UAE including general cleaning, deep cleaning, window cleaning, facade cleaning, floor cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sofa upholstery cleaning. General cleaning is a daily cleaning service which includes dusting, vacuuming and mopping of floors and ensuring that your home looks clean and organized. Specialized services like window cleaning, facade cleaning, floor cleaning, mattress, carpet cleaning, and sofa upholstery cleaning are specific services that involve an advanced level of cleaning with relevant machines, chemical cleaning agents and steam. Deep cleaning is a service that means the thorough cleaning of your home, a more advanced version of general cleaning.

Q. What should be considered before hiring your home cleaning company?

In preparation for a general cleaning service, you can do the following.

1. Check the validity of the trade license of the cleaning company

2. Cleaning service should be clearly mentioned on the trade license

3. Check if the staff assigned to the job is on a company visa

4. Check if there is municipality approval for cleaning chemicals and agents

5. Check for third-party liability insurance

Q. What types of cleaning companies are there in Dubai and the UAE?

There are a number of cleaning companies in Dubai and the UAE. Most of them provide basic cleaning services, however, there are many who also provide more advanced or specialized services like deep cleaning, window cleaning, facade cleaning, floor cleaning, mattress cleaning, carpet cleaning, and sofa upholstery cleaning.

Q. Are the chemicals and cleaning materials used safely?

Yes, all our service partners use chemicals and cleaning agents that are environment-friendly and approved by the municipality. Most of these are over the counter products and are safe to use near adults, children, and pets.

Q. Is it advisable to be at home during cleaning services?

Yes. Generally, it is okay to be at home during the time, but if someone is allergic to dust then it is advisable for them to remain away from the site for 2-4 hours after completion of the service.

Cleaning Services in Dubai and UAE

HomeGenie is the first one-stop Home Maintenance concierge service in the UAE. We tirelessly search for work with our carefully vetted delivery partners to help provide simple, reliable and affordable Home Maintenance end-to-end solutions to our customers. Our objective is to become a trusted household name for all Home Maintenance solutions for our customers.

HomeGenie Cleaning Service Process.

A cleaning service booked through HomeGenie usually starts with a SIGNUP and booking via the web or the iOS/ android apps (available free of cost). Depending upon if the booking is inspection based, fixed price or survey based, the service is delivered by the assigned Genie at the agreed date, time and location.

Why HomeGenie for Cleaning Services?

At HomeGenie, we are focussed on providing a professional cleaning service experience to our customer with the following advantages:

  • Professional service
  • 15-day service warranty,
  • Insurance covered
  • Emergency service (24×7)
  • Competitive prices
  • Due to the above, we take pride in being the most professional provider of cleaning services in Dubai and the UAE.

Due to the above advantages, we take pride as the most reliable company for all AC services

Other Cleaning Related Services

We provide other common cleaning related services including – water tank cleaning, duct cleaning, AC cleaning These services can be provided as standard or emergency services.

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