Home Painting: How Do I Choose The Right Painter?

Hiring a painter for your home in Dubai and UAE can be a bit difficult when you have a number of options available. Right from a lone painter who offers a very low price to a premium painting company, claiming to be extremely professional, at a ridiculously high price. How should you then decide who to choose between a very irresistible price to the great quality you would like to not compromise on. There are certain tips you could utilize that can help you choose the right painting solution for your villa or apartment in Dubai and the UAE. 

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Guide to choosing the right paint for your Home

Paints can be classified on various bases, for example they maybe meant for interior or exterior, or if they are oil based, water based or even chalk based. Selecting correct paint for home make over is an important decision. We at HomeGenie will help you through the process.

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5 Tips to Ensure Long Lasting Paint Job

Exterior & Interior paint is the first line of defense against the harsh sunshine and (occasional) rain we face here in Dubai. It is also the first impression given by the house to a guest. An interior paint job could reflect the kind of person you are, while giving your room a clean & crisp look And a professional paint job is synonyms with any high value property. 

However, the sad truth is that most of the time the paint doesn’t last long and you end up with a shriveled wall with peeling or dull looking paint. A good paint job is not only an investment of your money but also of your time. The following tips will help you ensure that you have long lasting paint.

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Tips to Get your Home Painted in Dubai

Whether you are a tenant or a landlord in the UAE, you will most certainly at some point require painting services. From being a small to-do task that lasts for only a day to a big project that can last weeks, it’s always great to do some research in order to come out as a satisfied customer.

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