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10 Best trending wall mirror decoration ideas

A wall mirror can make your home stylish and intriguing. Placing a mirror in the bathroom or in the dressing area is common, to serve their purpose, whereas if you place a mirror in the living room then it will become a piece of decor. You can also continue to experiment by placing mirrors all over the house to make nice wall decoration. Here are 10 best trending wall mirror design ideas:

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How to choose the right awning for your home?

In case you were wondering what an awning is – it is a sheet of canvas or other material stretched on a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off a home, shop window, doorway, or ship’s deck. Awnings in the earlier days served the purpose of protecting a home from the sun and rain. But now these awnings are also the part of styling your home. Other than providing some shade, outdoor window awnings,┬áhouse awnings or garden awnings make a great fashion statement. Choosing the right awning that can serve both purposes is therefore important. Here is a quick start guide to learn how to choose the right awning for home.

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6 Benefits of residential window tinting

Sunlight is healthy and allowing sun rays to enter the home is believed to be good. But the excess of sunlight or UV rays entering into the home will also be unhealthy for the body and may damage other furnishings in the home. To avoid this, many people prefer to go for window tinting. Here are the 6 residential window tinting benefits.

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