5 Reasons why circuit breakers trip

Circuit breakers help in protecting the electric circuit at your home from the damage caused by overload or short circuit. It stops the flow of current when a fault is detected. Have you ever noticed the continuous power trip from the home circuit breaker at your home? There are 5 main reasons behind this.

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Mistakes to avoid while installing water heaters

Though the usage of water heaters is comparatively low in the hottest regions like Dubai, they play an important role during the winter season. Installing a water heater by yourself is a bit complicated and surely require a technician to accomplish the task. Remember, not all technicians are professionals and well trained. If the water heater is not installed properly it may get damaged. The most important mistakes that should avoid while installing water heaters are:

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6 Warning signs of faulty electrical wiring

Even a single minor fault in electrical wiring could be the reason for fire accidents. Every year many homes and offices encounter fire accidents because of the faulty electrical wiring. To protect yourself from the damage you should be aware of the warning signs and fix the problem before it turns risky. Here are the 6 important warning signs of faulty electrical wiring.

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