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Wooden carpentry services in Dubai

Wooden furniture is the mainstay of most home interiors. Stylish and functional, wooden furniture is also sturdy and tough. Like with most things, overuse leads to the need for maintenance. This is where the requirement for carpentry services in Dubai arises. Carpenter work is essential for the upkeep of wooden furniture since regular use leads to loose joints, scratches on the surface, chipped corners, and even breakage. Book a furniture carpenter in Dubai who suits your needs at HomeGenie – download the free app for Android and iOS and we will send a carpenter to your home at a day and time that is convenient to you. It could be furniture repair work that you require, furniture assembly, custom made fittings or even regular maintenance for existing pieces – HomeGenie has it all covered. Our carpenters work at fair and competitive rates, ensuring that you get the best possible deal. They are also punctual, reliable and efficient, which means that you won’t have to worry about the disruption of your schedule or the safety of your home and property.

Many of our carpentry based services are inspection based while others are survey based. Both services operate on a pre-service inspection method, where the work to be done and the cost estimate is decided after taking a look at the job at hand. The only difference is that while our surveys are free of charge, inspection based services are priced at the minimum call-out charge. HomeGenie also offers Emergency and Same Day services for times when your maintenance or repair issue is urgent. The Emergency service – at an extra charge – will have a carpenter looking into your repair issue within two hours of your booking with us; while the Same Day service will place a carpenter at your home by 6 PM, provided you booked between 8 AM and 12 PM that day. This service is free of charge.

Call us on +97144489595 or Download the HomeGenie iOS or Android app now!

Wooden cabinets and cupboards repair

Get rid of that creaking sound in your cabinets and cupboards – book a wooden cabinet repair service and see the difference it makes!

Wooden gazebo or pergola repair

Gazebos and pergolas put up with harsh weather conditions as well as storms – call in the guys from HomeGenie to get your damaged wooden gazebos and pergolas in shape.

Wooden furniture fabrication

HomeGenie can help you with wooden furniture fabrication to build the very sofa that you saw in your favourite magazine.

Wooden floor and parquet repair

Time to replace those chipped parquet pieces and get your floor looking like a million bucks again! Get your wooden floor and parquet repaired by professionals with years of experience in the field.

Outdoor wooden storage fabrication

Hoping to add to your storage space? Choose outdoor wooden storage fabrication and let HomeGenie handle all the details.

Wooden furniture repair

All your furniture repair and restoration issues can be dealt with at HomeGenie – all you have to do is download the free app for Android and iOS!

Wooden pergola or gazebo fabrication

Looking at doing up your outdoors? Consider an effective and stylish wooden pergola or gazebo fabrication for your garden. Call HomeGenie for answers to all your questions.

Wooden doors and windows repair

Wood doors and window repair is easily the most common repair required for wooden fitting in the home – after all, they are subjected to both overuse as well as the harsh weather conditions of the country.

Wooden fence and gate repair

Can’t seem to fix your wooden fence on your own? Bring in the pros at HomeGenie to sort out all your wood fence and gate repair issues.

Other custom job e.g. cat-flap fabrication

Just got a cat for the kids? Let HomeGenie help you with cat-flap fabrication to save you from opening and closing the door umpteen times! We are also happy to look into any other custom jobs you may need to get done.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How much does carpentry work cost in Dubai?

The cost of carpentry work in Dubai is subjective and can be estimated depending on the job that needs to be done. Check HomeGenie Carpentry Service to know more about the carpentry work cost.

Q. How much do carpenters charge per square foot in Dubai?

Per square foot charges for carpenters in Dubai vary depending on what has to be done, the detail and the finish required.

Q. How much does it cost to hire a carpenter in Dubai?

The cost of hiring a carpenter in Dubai depends on what you need to get done, the intricacy of the work, the material required and the time needed to complete the job.

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