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Verified Home Maintenance Professionals

HomeGenie was built with the goal to eliminate the hassle of searching for a reliable service provider and let our customers simply hire and enjoy top-notch home maintenance services through a simple touch booking process. Our partners go through various stages of screening. We work with those who are the best in the business. Listed below are few insights on our partner selection and retention process:

  • Why is partner verification important to us?

The HomeGenie app is built with the purpose of bringing utmost convenience to customers and bridging the gap between them and the best home service professionals in Dubai. While booking on the HomeGenie app, you are assigned the nearest, available service partner. Therefore, each of our partner is vetted through a rigorous selection process. Those who are able to qualify at every level and deliver our promise of customer satisfaction consistently, are the ones who stay.

  • What is our partner selection criteria?

HomeGenie has robust selection criteria for each partner and their staff. To achieve the partner status, they need to tick every box of our requirements. This includes –

  • Proven track record of providing home-maintenance services
  • Valid license and authorisation to work in Dubai
  • Excellent focus on quality, safety and value for money
  • Outstanding communication skills and customer service culture.


  • How do we retain the best performing partners?

Evaluation is an ongoing process at HomeGenie. We continuously asses the performance of each of our partners based on quality, punctuality, efficiency and many other factors. In addition to this we have a user rating and review feature on the app. This helps us gauge the performance of every partner from time to time. In case a partner’s performance is below satisfaction, they are given warning and additional training, eventually if they still fall short on meeting the required standards, they are removed from the system. That’s how we retain only the best performers.

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