Make home summer vacation ready

Tips to Make your Home “Summer Vacation Ready”

If it’s the time of the year when you are planning to take some days off and escape from the grueling summer months in Dubai and UAE, we would like to share a few tips with you to make your trip hassle-free. The summer heat is harsh and it takes a toll on your home. It, therefore, requires some planning and preparation to avoid any surprises when you are away enjoying your holiday or upon your return. These surprises could result in expensive repairs and a few precautions can help you skip these frustrating moments.

  • Get your irrigation or sprinkler system checked by your gardener:

    Sprinkler and irrigation systems face the summer heat as they are placed directly under it. It is not unusual for your sprinkler system control panel or pumps to breakdown or one of the pipes or connectors to come off causing the sprinkler system to stop working or resulting in a leakage ending up damaging your garden and expensive repair. It is therefore important to get this checked by your gardener before leaving and be rest assured that everything seems to be placed.

  • Get your refrigerator cleared and deep cleaned:

    Refrigerators keep our food fresh, however, if they stop working the food inside the refrigerators rot very quickly leading to terrible foul smell which can stay for days. It is recommended that you remove all perishable food items out of your fridge and get your fridge cleaned with baking soda followed by drying it. You might then even switch off your fridge and give it a break for the duration of your holiday. After all, every machine needs some time off from the hard work.

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  • Pour baking soda into all drains in the kitchen and bathrooms:

    Openings in kitchens and bathrooms to drains under your home are the biggest source of pests including cockroaches, ants, flies, etc. When not in use for a long period they become the breeding grounds and can increase the infestation in other parts of the home making it difficult to control and eliminate. It is advisable to pour baking soda and hot water into these openings at the time of leaving the house to avoid the entry of above unwanted guests into your home while you are away.

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  • Lock main doors and get a locksmith to fix the ones which don’t work:

    To avoid any break-ins into your home, it is advisable to get a trusted locksmith check all your main locks including the main door or any main room doors where you keep your valuables. If your key has been shared by many other people, including housemaids, gardeners, etc. then it is advisable to get your main door lock changed so as to not leave a chance for any known person breaking into your home while you are away.

  • Keep AC at slightly higher than ambient temperature:

    Set your AC controller to a temperature slightly above the ambient temperature of 25 Degree Celsius. This will avoid mold and dew from settling into your AC ducts and also keep your home at a temperature which does not cause damage to any articles at your home.

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  • If you have A CCTV solution check that it is fully operational remotely:

    A lot of families these days have CCTV solutions installed at their home to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity while they are away. Homes can, therefore, be monitored right from your smartphone while you are traveling and in fact, send you alerts in case there is a break-in or movement within your home. It, however, goes without saying that the CCTV solution can sometimes become unstable due to a pending firmware upgrade or data backup settings. This can cause unnecessary anxiety to homeowners on their holiday and a quick checkup by a CCTV technician can help avoid this completely.

  • If possible check the validity of your home insurance:

    Summer heat can also have some devastating effects to your home causing an electrical short circuit leading to a fire. It is therefore important to ensure that you have a valid home contents insurance in place to keep you precious and hard-earned belongings insured in order to not come back to a big financial loss. Home content insurances are not at all expensive and provide great value in terms of providing complete peace of mind to the homeowners or tenants when they are in town or are away on a long holiday.

  • Ensure the main water supply off for phases not in use:

    Hot summer temperatures result in heating water coming into your home via the pipes. This can cause a pipe burst and leakage inside your home which can cause havoc and lead to a lot of damage to your precious articles including furniture, rugs, etc. inside your home. It is therefore advisable to shut off your main water supply in case you are sure that there is no need of water inside your home, including the plants or a garden that still might need some water.

The above tasks can be daunting to coordinate and manage right before your holiday when wrapping up work and packing your bags are on priority. We, therefore, recommend to prepare a list and share it with a HomeGenie support executive who will co-ordinate and deliver what you need in no time.

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