Tips to keep your garden sprinkler system in good condition

Tips to keep your garden sprinklers in the best condition  

Gardens become parched in the scorching heat of summers in Dubai or the UAE. The only thing to keep a garden healthy is watering the plants well, which does not necessarily mean to keep them watered all the times but to give them the right amount of water and more importantly at the right time. Water sprinkler and irrigation system play a major role in this and it is more important to keep them in good condition. They will not work efficiently if they are not well maintained. Following are the 5 important tips to keep your garden sprinkler in the best condition.

Clean the sprinkler heads

 The most important factor to keep your garden sprinkler in the best condition is cleaning the sprinkler heads. Due to long usage dust may accumulate on the top of the sprinkler and nozzle,  if you left them uncleaned there is a chance of getting damaged. For the better flow of water check them regularly and take necessary action.

Ensure optimal usage of the system

 Sprinklers system timers should be set to ensure the right amount of watering of your garden. The time and duration when the sprinkler should be switched on should be based on the weather and requirement of the garden. Overuse of the sprinkler system might lead to the sudden breakdown.

Check the water pressure

 Check the water pressure before installing garden sprinklers and check the pressure regularly. Low pressure or variations in water pressure may also affect plants. With low-pressure sprinkler water doesn’t spread equally to all plants, if the pressure is high plants may get damaged due to excess water. 

Protect the control panel

 Control panel is the heart of the sprinkler system and helps it to work efficiently. To keep the sprinkler working it is important the protect the control panel. Ensure that the panel is installed in a shaded area and is protected from extreme weather including any rain.

 Check the piping network

 To avoid leakages and blockages in the sprinkler system check the piping network. Debris in the pipe may obstruct the diaphragm of the valve and in turn, causes damage to the sprinkler. However, leakages might prevent the right amount of pressure to build up. 
Garden with a good sprinkler or irrigation system adds more beauty to the place with blooming flowers. Make your sprinkler and irrigation system repair and maintenance easy with the above tips and seek the advice from a professional gardening company for better assistance. 

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