10 Best front yard landscaping ideas

The front yard of your home reflects your style and attitude, right at the entrance to your abode.  A well designed and maintained front yard catches the attention of people and makes your home stand out from the other houses in the neighbourhood. Mostly some creative landscaping is used for front yards as it gives a warm welcome to your guests. We have compiled a list of 10 best front yard landscaping ideas that are economical to accomplish and easy to maintain.

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Tips to Make your Home “Summer Vacation Ready”

If it’s the time of the year when you are planning to take some days off and escape from the grueling summer months in Dubai and UAE, we would like to share a few tips with you to make your trip hassle-free. The summer heat is harsh and it takes a toll on your home. It, therefore, requires some planning and preparation to avoid any surprises when you are away enjoying your holiday or upon your return. These surprises could result in expensive repairs and a few precautions can help you skip these frustrating moments.

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Why is your Home Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) a thing of the past?

Annual Maintenance Contracts(AMC) have been a preferred method to save money on annual spend a homeowner or tenant incurs towards any repairs and breakdowns. AMCs are typically an annual contract between a maintenance company and a homeowner or tenant where the maintenance company charges an annual fee in advance and provides preferential service to the customer without charging for every inspection visit. The AMC is supposed to ensure peace of mind along with the savings for its customers. However, it has been observed that it falls short of this promise as the customers feel the pinch of having to pay a high annual charge, especially when in many years the contract doesn’t get fully utilized. 

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How to prevent sofa cushions from sagging?

Sagging sofa seat cushions are always a thing to cause some embarrassment whenever you welcome your guest into your living room. When the sofa cushions are new they are soft, crisp and comfortable. But as the sofa gets old, the cushion loses its springiness and collapses. At this stage, you do get thought of replacing it as you find it in good condition but the new sofas are expensive to afford. However, with little care, you can prevent sofa cushions from sagging. Here are the tips to prevent sofa cushions from sagging:

Process For Preventing Sofa Cushions From Sagging

  1. Rearrange the cushions by flipping them around
  2. Unzip the cushion covers and wash them
  3. Unzip the cushions and add foam sections
  4. Place a sheet of plywood in the seat area
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10 Ultimate carpet cleaning tips

Carpets are one of the furnishings that catch the attention of your guests very quickly. But as you might not be aware, carpets are the primary absorbers of dirt and dust present in your home. To make them look great and help them last longer, regular carpet cleaning is essential. Have you ever wondered how clean are your carpets actually even though you might be cleaning regularly and how to clean them properly? Look through the 10 ultimate carpet cleaning tips to make your carpet look best.

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Mistakes to Avoid while setting up home theater systems

With a home theater at home, you can enjoy a movie with the same theater experience. It not only gives good memories but can also give a bad experience even if you make a minor mistake in the process of setting up home theater systems. Have a quick look at the mistakes you should avoid to had a great time with the people when you watch a movie.

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5 Reasons why circuit breakers trip

Circuit breakers help in protecting the electric circuit at your home from the damage caused by overload or short circuit. It stops the flow of current when a fault is detected. Have you ever noticed the continuous power trip from the home circuit breaker at your home? There are 5 main reasons behind this.

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How to fix low water pressure problems?

Have you ever felt infuriated because of the low water pressure problem while bathing, washing dishes or while doing some other daily chores? In any home to live peacefully, it is essential to have good water pressure. There are many reasons for low water pressure. Fixing this issue is not hard but it may turn into a serious problem, if not treated immediately. Let’s go through the reasons and know how to fix the low water pressure problems.

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Mistakes to avoid while installing water heaters

Though the usage of water heaters is comparatively low in the hottest regions like Dubai, they play an important role during the winter season. Installing a water heater by yourself is a bit complicated and surely require a technician to accomplish the task. Remember, not all technicians are professionals and well trained. If the water heater is not installed properly it may get damaged. The most important mistakes that should avoid while installing water heaters are:

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6 Warning signs of faulty electrical wiring

Even a single minor fault in electrical wiring could be the reason for fire accidents. Every year many homes and offices encounter fire accidents because of the faulty electrical wiring. To protect yourself from the damage you should be aware of the warning signs and fix the problem before it turns risky. Here are the 6 important warning signs of faulty electrical wiring.

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