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Why one should have their AC Ducts Cleaned?

We live in a hot and humid country. Temperatures in Dubai can easily soar up to 45° C. And in order to be able to live quietly, we must install Air Conditioners in our homes. Also, most places have a centralized AC system with a common air conditioner cooling the entire house. It is wise and efficient. However, cleaning the AC ducts is something that is usually either neglected or not even considered by many.

AC ducts tend to get dirty over time. While they haven’t been proven to be a major carrier of dust particles into the home, mainly due to the fact that ACs have an air filter built-in that filters out most of the dust, however, that too isn’t 100% efficient and some dust does enter the ducts and accumulates there over time. Other small particles like nanodroplets of oil or grease do get accumulated over a long period of time. Also, the heating coil too gets its own share of dirt. This brings down the overall cooling efficiency of your AC system.

Many people argue that AC ducts are a major source of dust and outside bacteria into the home. However, no studies taken so far have been able to prove that an AC ducts bring in dust and bacteria. Our experts have a different opinion about it though. They say that AC ducts contribute to fewer bacteria in our homes compared to other sources. However, they do agree that the air filters are not 100% efficient and some dust enters the duct. A part of this dust accumulates in the vents over time, and some enters the building eventually. It is recommended that one gets their AC ducts cleaned every quarter for best performance and to prevent all possibilities of dust entering your place.We also recommend regularly checking for any dirt accumulation in your vents. Also, there are a number of reasons why your AC ducts might get dirty and need cleaning:

  • Animals & Birds: In case you notice any animals such as squirrels or mice lurking around your ducts, or if birds have chosen your HVAC system to make an abode, get them removed immediately and have your ducts cleaned as they may be carrying harmful pathogens and bacteria.
  • Mold: This happens mostly due to moisture. Mold grows in moist and humid places. As mold grows in your ducts the spores from these molds and fungi breeding there might cause allergies to people in the building.
  • Renovation: Ducts must be sealed off and closed tightly whenever there is a renovation work in your home. Dust and debris from construction, or furnishing etc. may get inside the ducts. If this wasn’t done, you might need a duct cleaning.

If you see any of these symptoms, you might need an AC Duct cleaning. However, getting your AC ducts cleaned regularly will ensure cleanliness of your home and will also keep unwanted visitors, such as animals, birds and harmful bacteria away.

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