how to install chandelier at home step by step

How to install Chandelier?

A well-chosen chandelier has the ability to makeover the look of any space. A correctly installed chandelier can transform an ordinary room into one with character and even drama. All you have to keep in mind is the aesthetics which include placement, electrical connections, access for cleaning and bulb changing, and the correct measurement of necessary distances. Voila! Your room is all dressed up. Here are some points that should be kept in mind while installing a chandelier in your home:

  1. Check the electrical connections
  2. Calculate the length of the chandelier
  3. Check the composition and strength of the ceiling
  4. Attaching the chandelier support
  5. Test the chandelier

Step 1: Check the electrical connections

Handyman checking the electrical connections
While deciding on the placement of your chandelier, make sure that the required electrical supply is available and in working order.

Step 2: Calculate the length of the chandelier

Try calculating the length of the chanedelier
The placement of your chandelier also depends on the distance between the ground and the bottom of the chandelier. This should ideally be at least 6.5 feet.

Step 3:Check the composition and strength of the ceiling

Check composition and strength of the ceiling
The weight of the chandelier must be checked in relation to the composition and the strength of the ceiling. Certain materials used for ceilings are not adequately strong to support a heavy chandelier.

Step 4: Attaching the chandelier support

attaching the chandelier support
Attaching the chandelier support is an important step – ensure that a quality fastener has been used and it is secured well both to the ceiling as well as to the chandelier. The safety of your family and your property depends on both these factors.

Step 5: Test the chandelier

Finally test the chandelier
Once the chandelier has been attached, check it for electrical issues and make sure that there is access to it for changing bulbs and cleaning.
Though it is possible to install a chandelier by yourself, it is advisable to get professional help. Chandeliers are typically elaborate and heavy, which means that it is not always possible for a single person to do the job. Hire a handyman from HomeGenie.

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