prevent sofa cushions from sagging

How to prevent sofa cushions from sagging?

Sagging sofa seat cushions are always a thing to cause some embarrassment whenever you welcome your guest into your living room. When the sofa cushions are new they are soft, crisp and comfortable. But as the sofa gets old, the cushion loses its springiness and collapses. At this stage, you do get thought of replacing it as you find it in good condition but the new sofas are expensive to afford. However, with little care, you can prevent sofa cushions from sagging. Here are the tips to prevent sofa cushions from sagging:

Rearrange the cushions by flipping them around

By flipping the cushions and replacing them, keeps the sofa springs stronger for a longer duration. Swap the cushions regularly will prevent them from sagging.

Unzip the cushion covers and wash them

To prevent sagging sofa support it is important that they should be cleaned regularly. Some cushions need dry cleaning and some can be hand-washed. Make sure you are following the instructions given by the manufacturer. Cover the cushions again with their covers and place them back on the sofa.

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Unzip the cushions and add foam sections

Fix sofa cushions by adding half-inch foam sections as a second layer to them. Unzip the cushions and add the extra layer to make it soft and place them on the sofa again. This is one of the best tips to make the sagged cushions look normal.

Place a sheet of plywood in the seat area

Plywood will serve as an ultimate sofa saver. Place plywood equal to the measurement of the couch in the seat area. Replace the cushions. You can also use a section of polyvinyl chloride to get a comfortable fit.

The sagging couch can be fixed at home with the above remedies. If they look sagged even after implementing these tips you can approach a sofa fixer who is reliable.

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